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    Hipo td, and extra point on service

    Bottle of test, t4, 100-10mg var, 4 packs of 25mg var First package was missing the 4 packages of 25mg var Contacted hipo, immediately he responded and assured me that things were going to be solved and shipped. And after he stated that yes a new package was otw, 6 days its at the house...
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    Hippo td

    180 tabs t4 6 tabs caber 50 tabs 25mg var Wife is prescribed t4 from endo cause she had a thyroid problem. Cheaper by fat to go thru hippo. Ordered Tuesday last week, arrived yesterday. Couldn't be happier
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    Best feeling convincing a 21yr to not use AAS

    Young guy comes up, ask questions about training and gives a compliment on my hard work. Straight away he dives into "gear talk". He is 21, his friend is a trainer at the gym we use. Remember he is 21, his trainer friend put him on some eBay pro hormone with tren and anadrol, yikes. The fella...
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    Venting : bank card hijacked

    Some how some way, i got cleaned out dry, from someone acquiring my bank card info. Purchases looked legit to bank, online stores like target. Wal-Mart and Amazon. Almost $2200 grabbed, for the week or mortgage and both car notes are due. Had to go to the bank and present all my mobile...
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    Robo TD

    Robilics TD last week. 2 var and 20ml test e. Been super busy with mandatory overtime to post. Mailed my bday card on a Monday, got to me Saturday. I Have ordered from robo before, first time i went thru JakeSteel. This dude is top notch guy to interact with. Patient with a couple mix up on...
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    When you don't have time for solid foods

    I'm on the run almost 10-12 hours non stop during the work day. I only get a short time to sit and eat at lunch for 15 minutes at the most. I know i get filled up just from taking in fluids keeping hydrated. My thing is can i drink shakes to offset what i can't get from not eating thru the...
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    Back acne treatments

    What is everyone using? Soap, body wash? Who had some tips. I don't have bad acne on my back, it's just annoying and want to keep it to a minimum before i go on vacation if i take my shirt off. I will start tanning soon, heard that does help
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    Primobolan tab source

    I've seen multiple labs with intramuscular shots, what about tablets?
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    End of 7 week run

    Prop 150mg eod, tren 100mg eod aromasin 12.5mg eod, caber .5 e3d. Gained 8lbs lean mass. Ended a week ago. Week 1 Week 4.5-last shot of questionable tren Week 7.5ish last shot of robo tren Taking some time of to enjoy some holiday cooking and rest from overtime. Then back at it, and plan...
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    Wife wants to give sarms a go

    Wife is 35, only experience with any supplement is clenbuterol. Had a hysterectomy 5 years ago after our 3rd daughter. Prior to kids she was a gym fitness junkie. Now that our kids are able to handle us away form the house she is ready to get into the gym. She had been running and log walks...
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    Since switching to robo tren, noticeable improvements

    Not to long ago i asked the question, when would one know the difference between two labs? If i believed the first lab was under dosed or just bunk as compared to robolics. These are all PR since the first pin on 12-1, gained 7lbs dry weight this morning 174lbs. I usually don't go for 1 rep...
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    When would you notice a change, if you switched manufacturers

    As title says, switching manufacturers, how long would it take to know the difference in quality/dosage tren ace, possibly underdosed. I have my doubts regarding a previous manufacturer versus the new robolics tren i dipped into early in the week Any thoughts?
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    Adderall while on gear?

    I didn't really know where to post this, so here goes. I'm 39, been on hrt @ 10 years. Found that i had low test levels when my wife and i were trying for our last child. So after she was born i was on board with the treatment. 100mg eow smoothed my a.d.d. pretty good. I cruise at 250mg...
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    U.S. domestic source

    Still learning who offers what, and navigating/ learning things inever was educated on prior. Need to re-up on my AI. I will most likely be going to sarmsx for most of it, unless i have to meet a minimum purchase of some type. Need a spot to grab caber, have enough to finish this run. Not...