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    Easy instructions for newbies

    For anyone new to this forum I want to save you some time. This is not the only way to go about things but it is a tried and true process that will save you time, money and headaches and pointless side effects Step 1. List all your stats and goals on the forum page and ask politely for cycle...
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    ?Side effects free? as possible Bulk cycle advice

    Hey guys. Would really appreciate some advice on my next bulk cycle. I?m getting older and tired of dealing with harsh side effects so this is what I come up with 41 years old,6?3?,225,16%bf,over ten years training,over 5 years of aas use, eat clean I?m on trt 175mg test and mk677 25mg ed now...
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    Home brew

    Has anyone here ever attempted to brew their own gear?
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    Too be the man, you got too beat the man, WHOOO!!

    Too be the man,Whooo!! You got to beat the man! Thanks Cbbram And in case you were wondering, Cbbram is the man. Couldn’t ask for a smoother transaction. Ordered all Pinnacle, Test Deca Eq Dbol prami and aromasin. Gonna be my best winter bulk yet.Paid last Thursday and got my order today. Now...
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    Eq Question

    I already have Eq400 and Eq cyp 200 on hand for my Test 300 Eq 800 16 week cycle. My question is this, is there anything wrong with me mixing the Eq 400 and the Eq cyp 200 together at 600/200 a week to get to the 800 dosage? I know the cyp will kick in quicker. Thanks for your input in advance...
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    Ped’s for healing

    Next Thursday I am having my C5 and my C6 vertebrae fused together and I was wondering if there are any Sarms or AAS That will help me speed up recovery thanks
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    Free gear from Pharmalady

    He guys. Just wanted to mention I just got my fourth order in from Pharmalady and along with it she sent me 2 free bottles of test p. , 2 free bottles of npp and a free bottle of eq cypionate. I’ve alteady bragged about how her eq cyp is pip free in the past. Can’t wait to try her prop and npp...
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    Bulk cycle thoughts

    40 years old 6’3” tall 240 lbs 14% bf Lifting over 10 years Probably done 6 different cycles so far Trying to fill out lagging areas like upper back and legs My cycle lay out for 10 weeks Test p 100 mg eod Npp 100 mg eod Eq cypionate ester 150mg eod Proviron 50 mg ed Anadrol 50mg ed first...
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    Heartburn tip from tren and orals

    Just thought I’d share this real quick. 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day completely got rid of my heartburn from tren and different orals when other meds would only make it bearable for me.
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    Another Pharma Lady td

    Just got in another order from pharma lady. Came in the mail in less than 10 days from time I sent payment Everything is so easy with her and you can’t beat prices. Gonna try her bold cyp for the first time I’ll keep y’all posted on the pip
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    Boldenone cypionate

    Has anyone tried the Lady’s boldenone cyp? Just curious if it’s painful or not.
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    Pharmalady td

    Hey guys. Wanted to give a shout out to pharmalady. Super fast shipping and very well packaged. Everything looks great.
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    Replacing Tren

    Hey guys I’m 39 Weight 220 Height 6’3” Working out 8 Years On trt for past 5 years. 175 mg test a week Been cycling for 6 years Used test deca eq adrol dbol tren No horrible experiences so far I’m looking to lean out a bit for summer and put a little size on My go to cycle is 175 mg test and 300...
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    Hey guys, newbie here. I'm looking forward to being on here and learning about the correct way to diet and train first, and then eventually learning about Sarms. I've got thick skin and I'm not here to start trouble but to learn from the guys that know what their doing. Stats 38 years old 6'3"...