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    Cycle Log - 6th Cycle

    Started right here on ISARMS first cycle, 2y/ago. Week 1: 1200 Test Cyp, 1200 Deca, 1200 EQ Day 10-20: 50mg Dbol ED Week 2-10: 400 Test Cyp, 400 Deca, 400 EQ Week 1-10: 8mg LGD ED Week 1: 1mg Adex EOD Week 2-10: 1 Mg Adex E3D Short cycles bc I prefer short, and itÂ’s a meet prep. IÂ’ll...
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    Am I the only one getting all these seizures?

    Three in a row. Three different addresses. Consecutive seizures. All through Los Angeles. Is anyone getting anything west coast? Please don't shut this down, if we can't discuss this, we're all powerless. All we can do is keep throwing packages at CBP like a dartboard. There has to be a...
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    Robo Touchdown!

    Just wanted to say first sale with Robo since last year went fantastic. Very fast. Well packed. Picked up a bunch of Test, anavar, Winstrol, dbol, bold and tren. Got some B12 for the GF bc she insisted. Now she wants to know how/when/why to cycle it for bodybuilding benefits. She’s doing a...
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    Packaged seized what to do? Does this go on your record?

    I had a seizure in January and went and got a UPS post office box and had the-ship sent there without my name anywhere and it was seizure as a well. Two in a row. Friend had a seizure in December. Now I see all these here. “Feels” like it’s happening more. Like there’s something new going...
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    Losing my shit on halo

    John Meadows told me the same thing. That’s fucking annoying bc it was expensive as fuck.
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    Very high SHBG, all other values normal?

    Did they check your a1c, blood sugar or lipids? You wrote don’t know for BF — are we talking don’t know like probably 10-14% or don’t know like 20-30? Reason I ask is high SHBG is associated with obesity and insulin resistance. If you have any of those issues it’s going to 1. Detract from...
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    Jon Jones Says He Was Never a “Full-Blown Steroid” User

    You know what's funny? Nowhere in the literature, literally anywhere, is androgen blood level pulsing described - when he claims it's been seen in MLB players, that was clomiphene, and I hope we all know clomiphene isn't an androgen and you can't go assuming two different classes of drugs have...
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    Losing my shit on halo

    I've run halo up to 30mg for about 10d and felt nothing at all. Maybe duration is an issue. I ran it when I still had some long tren esters in my body, bout 3 weeks after ending Tren Hex, and it didn't seem to do anything to me mentally.
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    Test - EQ - Winstrol Cycle

    1800 milligrams fucking hell. Lmk how that goes. I jabbed 1250mg of Test E over 2 days' time when going away for 9d, and trying to stay at a 750/wk level. I really wanna know what 1800mg does to a body.
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    Your advise?

    I'm gonna tell you something you need to listen to. DO NOT EVER DO TREN DURING A STRESSFUL PERIOD IN YOUR LIFE Best case scenario you fuck a bridesmaid at the reception, worst case scenario you fuck 3 girls before that in the run up to your wedding and leave the reception in handcuffs :) I'm...
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    Crossfit cycle

    Dylan have you ever done a video on the negatives of YK? I know you're not a fan, I know little about it. Just curious.
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    primobolan bloodwork/ cardarine (GW) question

    This isn't a very useful answer but you're never going to prevent damage to lipids with any AAS or compounding damage to lipids with multiple compounds. While primo is mild, a person would have to know whether you're sensitive to AAS on your lipids to tell you whether to expect a small hit or a...
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    Tren effects on brain

    I absolutely think Tren fucks with your brain in many ways and if we had a wealth of research on it, many of us would probably never touch it again. There's a reason there's a Reddit trope of "Don't make life decisions on Tren. MAKE ALL DECISIONS ON TREN." (which is a joke). And yeah tren...
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    Metformin May extend life?

    Citrulline is an amino acid precursor to L-arginine which improves circulation and lowers BP.
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    First Physique Show Cycle - Critique

    Hi all, history: Age: 34 Height: 5'7 Weight: 175 Body fat %: 15% Years of training: 8 as just a guy who works out a lot, 3 in contest strongman, 1 in contest PL Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run): TRT for 3y Cycle 1: Test/tbol (8w) Cycle 2...
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    Got a seizure letter? READ THIS

    Is anything going on lately at customs? Huge spate of seizures? More scrutiny? I may be looking at 2nd consecutive seizure after changing shipping address... time will tell.
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    Simple Question about donating blood on cycle

    I’d take a day off training. Don’t take any NSAIDs 48h before. There’s more than that but those are the big ones.
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    Orders affected by government shutdown ?

    My shipment hit the US Jan 6 and I got a seizure letter approx Jan 20 saying it was flagged Jan 16. All during the shutdown, ironic.
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    Second cycle

    What you want is a comprehensive metabolic panel and a lipid panel before and after. It would be good to know your serum and free testosterone before and after bc of suppression.
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    Very high test levels having never done a cycle?

    I was super confused I’m like why is the ref range 2-45. Also? Get yourself a new doctor if they needed a piece of paper to tell them 2-45 ng/dL isn’t the real ref range for men. That’s just Endo 101. So your test is 595. Pretty average normal/natural. SARMs won’t raise your test...
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