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  1. jaharris1701

    Hiccups during Tren cycle ??

    agreed Rick,, it gets to the point to where every day and several times a day it would occur, another dude I worked out with also had the same issue, I DO like the results I get from doing a Tren cycle though !! I just started a new blast and have decided to go Test and Deca this time around :)...
  2. jaharris1701

    Hiccups during Tren cycle ??

    my past couple of cycles ( with tren e ) I've run into issues with hiccups late in the cycle, gets VERY irritating,, wondering if other people have the same issue,, I have heard it is somewhat a common ordeal with tren or possibly even other compounds
  3. jaharris1701

    D Bol cycle

    "I think that you guys who want to do dbol cycles need to do lots and lots of homework before you crash dylan's computer with stupid foolishness. If any of you "hey dylan I love you vids and want to do dbol" ,would have actually listened to the vids you would see that dylan dislikes oral steroid...
  4. jaharris1701

    Blood Donating!

    That's good to know, I wonder, I assume they test the blood, if levels are high what do they do with it? Do they make note if I were to go back to the same location ?
  5. jaharris1701

    Blood Donating!

    I guess I was always concerned that it's pretty obvious I do steroids, so I figured they wouldn't want to use the blood, I guess like another member stated just don't admit to doing gear
  6. jaharris1701

    Blood Donating!

    I just started running a deca/test cycle and am seriously thinking of adding in some EQ, personally I have never run EQ before and from reading things here it intrigues me, so I WAS going to start a thread and ask whether it was necessary to donate blood if you ran EQ as I've heard it really...
  7. jaharris1701

    Best Test for first cycle.

    many here will probably want to know your stats ;) as far as pinning and dosage, for your " first " cycle you will probably only want to pin once a week, so if it were me I would do 1cc every 5 days of cyp to start, if pinning doesnt bother you then do 1/2cc like on M/TH just to maintain...
  8. jaharris1701

    Need Advice on Gaining Weight

    wow dude,, that story of what happened SUCKS !!!! I FEEL for you my friend !! riding a bicycle nonetheless !! my son who is now 30 was busted when he was 18 for a single joint, it has haunted him ever since, pretty ridiculous !!! one thing that helps me track and count my food intake is an APP...
  9. jaharris1701

    Hating the off time.

    trt isn't that bad if done with a sponsor here, cost wise that is,, I am currently cruising on 200mg test c and 200 mg deca a week split into 2 pins, I feel good and seem to be maintaining a lot of the size I had when on my blast, sure I have lost a little but it's not that bad, I'm about 8...
  10. jaharris1701

    First Phurious Cycle (And Epic Gear Porn)

    I'm currently running 200/test c , 200 deca, 400 mast e, basically a " cruise" cycle and am considering running eq as well, all Phurious gear, loving the deca/masteron e combo so far, probably gonna bump up the dosage a bit as I'm on 8th week of cruise, only 3Rd week since adding the deca and...
  11. jaharris1701

    Leg Pics for the haters... =)

    Looking good bro
  12. jaharris1701

    Hello Everyone

    clear the PM's please ;)
  13. jaharris1701


    Listen to what everyone here is saying, you are to young , to answer your question , yes you will lose everything which will be mostly water weight gain anyways so don't mess with it
  14. jaharris1701

    Best fitting clothing brands

    I wasn't familiar with Gasp, never heard of them actually, I went to their site and may end up doing business with them, some nice tanks and t's , I've been buying some apparel from Under Armor as of late and have been happy with the fit as well as the quality
  15. jaharris1701

    For my older bros

    I saw your post on deca and had to come read this too, as a dude who's approaching 58 this year I appreciate all the quality knowledge I can acquire from the very knowledgeable members here, currently cruising on 200/200 test/deca, I like the idea of blasting amd adding EQ for 20 weeks and that...
  16. jaharris1701

    deca is for more than joint issues

    I don't know man,, seems like the trend is more more more,, look at people like Rich Piana, Boston frigging Loyd,, they post CRAZY cycles and youngsters online see and follow,, sad but true,, more is NOT always better,, I agree !!
  17. jaharris1701

    PHURIOUS SALE!!! – Turn Your Tax Return Into Muscle!

    yeah I am PAYING the tax man myself,, no extra money coming my way :(
  18. jaharris1701

    deca is for more than joint issues

    I'm actually cruising on 200/200 right now myself,, I finished a tren storm cycle and cruising on test/deca , so far so good !! you would think the body would become " use" to it if you always have it in a stack ( ? )
  19. jaharris1701

    Sustanon cycle

    Dude, you OBVIOUSLY know all the answers, why bother coming here and asking advice if you shun everything given to you ??
  20. jaharris1701

    Sustanon cycle

    I tend to agree with everyone here, diet is key,, I used sustanon at 250mg every 5 days for 3 years, my avatar is an actual pic of the results, people always fall into the " more is better " mentality and that is not necessarily always true, 750mg is a lot for your first cycle,, hard work and...
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