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    newbie to forum

    Very glad to be here, thanks guys!
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    newbie to forum

    Hey everyone, New to this forum...was on several others but got tired of all the non workout\fitness played out drama's and the constant "if your not using this you suck" kinda crap. Ive bought and used a lot of strongly suggested stuff and would have been better off smoking cow dung and...
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    Pre JYM by Doc Jim Stoppani

    First off I gotta say I love the Doc's stuff. This just kicks ass for me..Clean energy no jitters, it lasts easily thru my whole workouts of 90mins - 2hrs +(w/HIIT). Pumps are off the hook. Focus is important to me as I'm trying not to be a talker and this keeps me on point. I tend to workout...
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    SARMS experiences??

    Im an older guy 55 and have had a tuff time adding muscle. I started a TRT(androgel) which helped a lot and when I used it along with DMSO to aid absorption my strength and muscle growth improved. I discovered LGD thru several videos - aka Mr. G :) and decided to run the LGD @10mgs a day for a...
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