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    Sarms Cycle Mk-677 MK-2866 GW

    Yeah, I wasn't worried about Sarms per se. Just thought it might be handy to have an AI ready, as there have been anecdotal complaints about puffy nipples, even though it might've been pro-hormones they got instead. Novedex seemed like an alternative version of ADT or was that just marketing...
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    Sarms Cycle Mk-677 MK-2866 GW

    Hello, this is my first attempt with PEDs (40/6'/185lbs/15%bf). Didn't know about Sarms until a month ago and was intrigued due to the idea of a more targeted approach. My target for now is a milder stack for recomposition, to see how well I take that stuff. I will start tomorrow in the...
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