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    Hit a vein

    I hit one the other day in my delt when I pulled the pin out blood shot out like old faithful all over the mirror first time it has ever happen was pretty wicked
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    Blow off steam

    Golf, hike, fish, hunt, camping, and taking the boat out on the lake
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    I've ordered from them once before test e and test c actually still have a vial of each. I ran them both bloods came back good didn't have codes or anything because of stealth shipping. I probably wouldn't go there again because of the great sources here, but I can't say anything bad because I...
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    why are sarms so freaking expensive?

    GW is the shit I hate cardio and am not good at it. I can usually push out 15 min at 5.5 mph steady before slowing down to catch bresth when i took GW I could go 6.2 for 30min with some still in the tank. The bang is worth the buck.
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    Valhalla ghost awaits.

    Never thought of that either definitely would save a shit load of money
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    Man... escaped serious injury today by a inch Bros

    Haha trees are no joke unpredictable bastards. Droppeda fuck ton of trees through out my life. You know what they're going to do but you never know what they're going to do if you know what i mean.
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    Have a Good Easter everybody!

    I know mine will be just peachy!
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    The fact you are asking if you should take an AI shows you are too young to run gear at 18 those test levels are through the roof no need for it...Your nuts have barely dropped yet man
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    Valhalla ghost awaits.

    Living in ny myself insurance is outrageous. Every fucking plan you can get is like 300 a month and deductable of like 5 grand it's fucking useless better off paying just to get the bloods done. License to steal those motherfucker's
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    First BGS order

    Shout out to 9th got my package in 5 days! I got burned once before so I get paranoid, but don't have to anymore astounding communication and very fast arrival time! Glad I know the sources on this board make the process reassuring as it can be!
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    Second cycle

    Thanka for responding man just trying to get different looks never thought about running it that high is their much more benefit for the extra 200mg? How is tbol? I've glanced through research but havent done a lot of looking into it
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    Second cycle

    And I just noticed I put this in sources my bad sorry guys
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    Second cycle

    Hey guys always browsed the for decided to join and learn more and converse. Thinking about starting second cycle soon. Ran a test only cycle over the summer test e 300 split into 2 shots. Gained 18 lbs only lost 6 after PCT figured some was water. Anyway thinking of starting second cycle in...
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