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    Easy instructions for newbies

    For anyone new to this forum I want to save you some time. This is not the only way to go about things but it is a tried and true process that will save you time, money and headaches and pointless side effects Step 1. List all your stats and goals on the forum page and ask politely for cycle...
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    Expired TBOL

    If your at all worried about loss of potency add some lgd and rad140 from sarms4sale along with the tbol to your cycle. You won?t regret it.
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    ?Side effects free? as possible Bulk cycle advice

    Thanks a lot guys. Should be a clean fun cycle Doesn?t get any better than sarms for sale
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    ?Side effects free? as possible Bulk cycle advice

    Hey guys. Would really appreciate some advice on my next bulk cycle. I?m getting older and tired of dealing with harsh side effects so this is what I come up with 41 years old,6?3?,225,16%bf,over ten years training,over 5 years of aas use, eat clean I?m on trt 175mg test and mk677 25mg ed now...
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    Reputable source for gear?

    Cbbram has got everything you need
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    Home brew

    Yeah that would be great thanks
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    Home brew

    Ok cool thanks. I wasn?t aware of that
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    Home brew

    Has anyone here ever attempted to brew their own gear?
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    Shout out cbbram!

    Great service, great products, great prices, always there to answer your questions. What else can we ask for? I’m not going anywhere else Why settle for less when u can get the best.
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    Too be the man, you got too beat the man, WHOOO!!

    Too be the man,Whooo!! You got to beat the man! Thanks Cbbram And in case you were wondering, Cbbram is the man. Couldn’t ask for a smoother transaction. Ordered all Pinnacle, Test Deca Eq Dbol prami and aromasin. Gonna be my best winter bulk yet.Paid last Thursday and got my order today. Now...
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    RickRock's 1-Stop Domestic Shop HGH run with Test/Deca/EQ!

    Hey Rick. I’m sure it’s in here but can you remind what’s all in your stack and dosages. I just ordered test deca and Eq from pinnacle. Thanks
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    I’ve used pharmalady about ten times and never had a problem with customs. Always got excellent service and excellent products for great price
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    Eq Question

    I already have Eq400 and Eq cyp 200 on hand for my Test 300 Eq 800 16 week cycle. My question is this, is there anything wrong with me mixing the Eq 400 and the Eq cyp 200 together at 600/200 a week to get to the 800 dosage? I know the cyp will kick in quicker. Thanks for your input in advance...
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    Been dealing with pharmalady for over a Always fast response and never a problem with order. A++++ service
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    Pharmalady Specials Request

    Would really like to see eq 400 and testoviron on special December list 2019 Ready to order 8 of each
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    Ped’s for healing

    Thanks guys
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    Ped’s for healing

    Next Thursday I am having my C5 and my C6 vertebrae fused together and I was wondering if there are any Sarms or AAS That will help me speed up recovery thanks
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    Free gear from Pharmalady

    He guys. Just wanted to mention I just got my fourth order in from Pharmalady and along with it she sent me 2 free bottles of test p. , 2 free bottles of npp and a free bottle of eq cypionate. I’ve alteady bragged about how her eq cyp is pip free in the past. Can’t wait to try her prop and npp...
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    Post Cycle Acne/ Potential future cycle advice?

    I’ve never seen Dylan give reckless advise. Always gets straight to the point and tells people what they need to know not what they want to hear I would listen to the man if I were you Just some friendly advice
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    Bulk cycle thoughts

    Since I’ll be using npp if I run into any gyno sides caused from the anadrol what would y’all recommend for me to have on hand ? Raloxifen?
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