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  1. Dylan Gemelli

    Questions regarding Stack for Endurance

    i truly do not see the necessity for hgh whatsoever but i do have a very strong recommendation for you to help with the goals you have... here is the layout for you... this is beyond ideal for what your wanting... also, you need real quality... pure essence research is the best you can find...
  2. Dylan Gemelli

    cycle question with test

    if its quality aromasin then it should absolutely clear you up... i would be a bit more aggressive with it the first 2 weeks with 12.5 -25 mg every day then you can scale back after it clears up... then keep it at 12.5 mg every other day... you may want to go one week at 25 mg per day, then drop...
  3. Dylan Gemelli

    proviron use

    hey brother... let me give you some very helpful advice first about your trt dosing... you may seem and feel fine now but your abusing the dose and probably shaving years off your life doing so... you should not exceed 200 mg per day while using trt and that's even on the very high end... i...
  4. Dylan Gemelli

    Sustanon 250?

    you could easily get this all from only two companies... sarms x will be launching next week... they are taking over pure essence research so it will all be the same company... you can get all your sarms, pct products, ancillaries, etc... all from there... in terms of your other products like...
  5. Dylan Gemelli


    I would highly consider changing dbol to tbol stacked with lgd-4033 and rad140... you will get dbol like results without any of the side effects, water retention etc... you will find this to be far more sustainable and will go for a far better cycle... here's a full layout... 1-12 sustanon...
  6. Dylan Gemelli

    Sarms s4 question

    absolutely bro... that's what set sarms apart is the fact they provide ALL of these benefits with little to no side effects... this makes them more than desirable... to feel the way you do on them and achieve these results, is unlike anything out there... yes, anabolics are more profound in what...
  7. Dylan Gemelli

    Sprinter needs advice on steroids for performance

    absolutely right brother... all of us our here to help as much as we can and teach the right ways yet we all learn from each other... im always here to help in any way i can so always let me kjnow if you need any help... there will be an announcement for sarms x next week so be ready!
  8. Dylan Gemelli

    Weigh- Loss Help

    thanks brother... this is a stack which will melt fad, shred you up, give huge amounts of endurance, will provide an abundance of strength and lean muscle, add huge vascularity and offer excellent healing benefits all in the same cycle...
  9. Dylan Gemelli

    Steroids for long distance runner

    make sure you spend a lot of time here brother... there is nothing but an abundance and teaching and learning on a daily basis... im always here to help in any way i can so don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions...
  10. Dylan Gemelli

    cycle and pct

    why would you buy your pct at a local nutrition store? or sarms? they sell things in illegal form... sarms in capsules are being pulled everywhere because it is not only illegal to sell in capsule form because its marketed as a supplement and not a research product but you cannot put sarms in...
  11. Dylan Gemelli

    Performance enhancing drugs for a tennis player

    make sure to keep us updated on your results... i gave you the ideal layout for your goals so that's what i would go with!
  12. Dylan Gemelli

    Anadrol cycle: SERM or AI?

    absolutely brother... that's what we are for... we all learn from one another and grow as one... don't ever hesitate to ask questions bro
  13. Dylan Gemelli


    here's a very ideal layout for you that is conducive with your goals.. 1-12 sr9009 30 mg day... 5 mg split doses 2-3 hours apart 1-12 S4 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg in the p.m. 1-12 GW-510516 20 mg day… dosed all at once 30 minutes before workout… 1-12 mk-2866 25...
  14. Dylan Gemelli

    New Article by Dylan Gemelli: Beastdrol V3

    For sure brother... There's plenty more to come!
  15. Dylan Gemelli

    Steroid cycle help for first cycle doing a lot of research.

    absolutely agree... 677 has so much to it... it carries a multitude of benefits and the fact you can run it a year at a time makes it even more desirable to use... obviously its not HGH but its the closest thing to it at a fraction of the cost
  16. Dylan Gemelli


    absolutely bro... there's plenty more coming!
  17. Dylan Gemelli


    AVOID these capsule selling counterfeits at all costs... they are not only scamming everyone but they are putting everyone in harms way not telling you what you are running... You are under the assumption you do not need a full pct when you most certainly do with pro hormone use... its very...
  18. Dylan Gemelli

    Trenavar advice

    i completely agree... i have not even heard anyone bring up trenavar in a very long time... its more or less a waste of time, money and a good cycle...
  19. Dylan Gemelli

    Liver toxicity and suppression from SARMS

    Excellent choice bro... Im always here to help in any way i can so just let me know!
  20. Dylan Gemelli


    why would you raise it to 600 and why would you only run it for 8 weeks? none of this makes any sense bro... sustanon needs to be ran a minimum of 12 weeks... although it has some short esters in it, it has a larger make up of long esters... what are your goals from this cycle? there is no...
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