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  1. NJBro

    Bad News = A Chance to learn and grow!

    So I just found out that I need surgery on my left ankle. It will put me out of the gym for 4 weeks. But more importantly I will not be able to work my lower body for up to 4 months! Needless to say I was pissed, then I got depressed. As of this morning I am determined not to let this stop me...
  2. NJBro

    Finished my Sarms X Run!!!

    So I thought I would write a review of the SarmsX stack that I just finished running. First I want to thank Dylan, Rick and everyone else who helped me with advice and just by being able to read your posts and continue to learn. You are all in inspiration to me and push me to be better every...
  3. NJBro

    Wnted To Say Thanks!

    When I found this board it was still (AR), and I was looking for some information on the best way to administer my TRT, drop the excess fat I have and maybe improve my performance in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). What I got was so much more. The people here are the best group of bro/sis you will...
  4. NJBro

    Estrogen and Fat Loss?

    I am pretty sure I have asked this question before so forgive me for repeating but I can't remember the answer. Getting old sux!! LOL. I am currently running my TRT dose of Test Cyp @ 200mg a week and the SarmsX 12 week cut stack. My E numbers always come in at the high normal scale but never...
  5. NJBro

    Decided to extend my Sarms Cyle

    I am currently on the 12 week cut cycle from SarmsX to which I added MK-2866 for the healing and muscle saving properties. Just finished week 5 and I can't say enough good things about this combination!!! Cardio gets better every week. I am seeing my abs come in a little bit more each week and...
  6. NJBro

    GW Kicking in!

    So last night I was on day 5 of GW and MK. I was doing a pretty intense cardio day (Gotta get that six pack). The workout consisted of a 2 mi run and then a hour of conditioning with my Sensi. I notice that my body was quitting before my wind! This is completely amazing!!! I will be adding in...
  7. NJBro

    Well Recomp is now going to turn into an Endurance cycle!!!!!

    I have mentioned before that I have been fighting a shoulder injury for a while. Well the rotten thing just won't heal (after 6 weeks off it). I tried to do a push up (after 3 days of good work outs) and my shoulder collapsed. Good news is after a few days rest I was able to do a few push ups so...
  8. NJBro

    What GAINZ look like!!!!!

    Man I'm getting excited to start my run!
  9. NJBro

    Sooooo I'm confused.LOL

    I have been doing my due diligence (Google) researching Deca. And now I'm more confused than when I started. I started out just curious because I have seen this compound run so many different ways. And I may want to run it in the Fall or Winter. While I understand the befit of running it at...
  10. NJBro


    How would you run this for a cut/recomp. Keep in mind I will be running TRT dose of 200mg week split dose. (Can run higher) And I'm not married to anything here. Just looking for input. 47 6" 225 BF 15% Goal is to cut/recomp 1 blast of 300mg for 14 weeks. Weights 3 times a week. Martial...
  11. NJBro

    The Eagle Has Landed!!!

    So this arrived today!! This like every order went flawlessly! Fast shipping and insane communication!
  12. NJBro

    Hobbies (other than fitness LOL)

    What are you into I collect: Watches Vintage Straight Razors (yes I shave with one) Cigars And whiskey The cigars and whiskey are occasional indulgences. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. NJBro

    Fav Cortisol Control Supp?

    Ok brothers and sister sound off! What is your favourite cortisol control supp?
  14. NJBro

    Garlic Greek Yogurt Topping

    A simple topping for potatoes or veggies. 36oz plain Greek Yogurt in a container for mixing. Mix in 2 tbs (or to taste) garlic powder. 1 tbs onion powder. Salt and pepper to taste. Now cover and refrigerate for at least an hour (the longer the better) I love this stuff and put it on...
  15. NJBro

    Superdrol Question

    I have the original Super DMZ. What I am wondering is would it be a good addition to a cut/recomp? I have done the research but I want some input from people who have practical experience. So have you used it for a cut/recomp? Was it worth it? I don't have a cycle laid out but I won't...
  16. NJBro

    Newbie Greetings

    Hi and happy 4th of July! Im new to this board but have been around a while. Im on TRT and these type of fourums have been a great help with info and support. I am looking forward to interacting with all the memebers!