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  1. sean501

    TRT in the UK Vlog series

    Hey guys, as some of you are aware of from my previous posts I'm doing a Vlog series on my experiences in the UK with low testosterone. TRT or testosterone replacement therapy isn't as readily available in the UK as it seems to be in the US. I think it comes down to a lack of understanding...
  2. sean501

    LDG + S4 (w/ M1 MK) stack log.

    As stated in a few previous posts I am planning on putting together a daily (hopefully) log detailing the next 12 week sarms cycle of LDG + S4 from esarms. I’ll will look to post experience whilst on cycle including updating various stats e.g. weight, bodyfat %, workouts, calorie intake and...
  3. sean501

    Esarms 1ml dosage

    The esarms droppers don't seem to be marked, how much would 1ml be? 1 full dropper? Thanks in advance.
  4. sean501

    Best SARM for libido?

    Taking from your own experience/cycles, what would people say is the best SARM for increasing libido?