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  1. Zeigo

    Horse med care website

    Anyone one here placed an order with these guys??? Horse med care The old racehorsemeds got shut down... BASTERDS THANKS
  2. Zeigo

    Collagen supplements

    Anyone know who got injectable Collagen peptide ??? Got diagnosed with psoriasis RA and it suppose to slow the effects and help joints Asking for a friend ....LOL Thanks
  3. Zeigo

    psoriasis Arthritis help

    Hey guys ... after about year of my joints aching and slowing getting worse and severe pain in hands wrist elbow and hips all felt like I?m an old man. (Only 47yrs old). Last 2 month has gotten so bad my work out are painful but I push thru them. I got diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis and...
  4. Zeigo

    Iwgf hgh source!!!

    Just got my order of HGH from IWGF as alway superb service with fast delivery.. already gone thru one box of this from last order and it worked great. The HGH is PHARM somatropin freeze dried and comes with BAC WATER ready to be mixed. If you are looking for the best quality HGH around and...
  5. Zeigo

    Breast cancer and hgh use???

    My GF had a biopsy done on her breast which came back as Atypical lobular Hyperplasia, which they said was Benign but could someday cause cancer. She uses 2 IU's a day of PHARM HGH and I have read and understand that HGH can make tumors and cancer grow faster. will HGH make this problem worse...
  6. Zeigo

    Vicon cycle log test eq primo

    So everyone I'm starting my Log today and will be updating it least once a week. I'll get a picture up soon.. 45YRS OLD 6' 0' 205lbs 10% BF ALL MY GEAR IS FROM VICON AND I PIN TEST/PRIMO TOGETHER TODAY AND WAS SMOOOTH NO PIP!!!!.. Vials are very nice and professional looking. even got the...
  7. Zeigo

    Gym assholes

    I need to Vent... I have been body building for over 25 yrs now and have been at the same gym for 8+ yrs. I'm at the gym this morning and using a dual cable cross over machine. I was only using one side with an easy curl bar doing various bi-cep curls. each set I was going to failure and once I...
  8. Zeigo

    Uneven forearm size question

    I have had several injuries to my left wrist, hand, shoulder and neck, which has caused my left forearm to become 1.5 inches small then my right. To even them out is it better to work both at same time or just do forearm exercises to the left side for a few month to even the size out??? THANKS...
  9. Zeigo

    Give blood !!!!

    Just want to reenforce the concept of giving blood not only does it help other people in need, but in my case Im towards the end of a TEST DECA EQ cycle and my RBC was at 19.3 Not good.... 21 and you are to high for the red cross to take your blood plus it NOT HEALTHY... even if you are not on a...
  10. Zeigo

    Shout out to the "rock"

    just need to mention what a CLASS ACT the the ROCK is by responding to a teenage girl's prom request !!!... he is one big MOTHER FCUKER and a seriously great guy !!!!... not to many stars left like that...
  11. Zeigo

    Neck Surgery

    Some Of you know that last week I finally under went C5-6 and C6-7 artificial Disc replacement. it went very well only one night in the hospital and I was at home. I only had to take pain meds for a few days of drooling on myself...LOL.. pain gone and I went to the gym today and did light cardio...
  12. Zeigo

    need to "VENT" AARRGG

    As must of us know, January at the GYM sucks... today was such a shit show I wanted to beat the shit out of people with there new years resolution crap. hey asshole get off my machine you can't figure out how to use before you hurt yourself, stop staring at me, cause you'll never put down the...
  13. Zeigo

    Sources carrying pre-workout no ester oil???

    Any sources carrying no ester pre-workout oil like tren no ester or test no ester .... Bgs use to have it but not anymore an i loved the stuff... Made me crazy beast in gym.... Thanks
  14. Zeigo


    OK here i go.. IWGF And 9th WONDER are having me test run this supplement and I have taken it 3 days now. SO FAR NO bad side effects at all .. Definitely more energy threw out the day but not over the top either, has cut my appetite a little bit but not to the point I have to shove food down my...
  15. Zeigo

    Wtf some doc are such scams

    So my GF who is smoking hot at 55 yrs old with 12% BF and works out 5 days a week with me and still has a sex drive of a teen age boy, decided against me advise too go to a women clinic about getting a testosterone slow release capsule implanted under her skin. the clinic wanted to charge her...
  16. Zeigo

    Great peptide source!!

  17. Zeigo

    Peptide Source BPC 157 & TB 500

    Looking for good source for BPC 157 and TB 500 ... extreme peptide keep jacking me around on my order.. no money loss but a clown show ... THANKS
  18. Zeigo

    GW & MK 2866 side effect?

    My GF just started a GW and MK cycle and is getting very dry mouth any one experience this before or which one might be causing it ? and YES it SARMSX of course! THANKS
  19. Zeigo

    Low prolactin

    HEY guys looking for some advise from some senior guys. I'm 10weeks into TEST CYP 500 DECA 400 EQ 800 Arimason 12.5 EOD Caber .5 twice a week Proviron 100mg day had blood draw 4 weeks in and prolactin was .9 range is 4.0-15.2 everything else was great in blood work had blood drawn again...
  20. Zeigo

    Test deca eq cycle and blood sugar spiked?

    I'm In a test 500 Deca 400 EQ 800, im 6 weeks in and got blood drawing for unrelated matter at doc office and blood sugar was 230 fasting, normal range is 70-99. My private lab draw 3 weeks ago it has fine. Now it off that charts which explains my dry mouth even though Im drinking a gallon of...