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    Mk 677 custom au...

    I am trying to order mk677 from sarmsx...but i am worried about the custom in au...heard mk 677 is prohibited in au...
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    Mk677 in australia??

    I bought mk 677 through elitesarms due to the fast shipping and fxk the side effects are huge like brain fog...i think its not nutrabol its gh u guys know any good website in australia that sells high quality nutrabol...
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    Bulking or strength???

    I am currently trying to stack lgd+s4+mk677 or lgd +rad140+mk677 But I want to bulk and put a lot of strength.. i heard s4 has more strength than rad140 but rad140 has more size...which one should I stack ???
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    Which one is best for bulking??

    Oh my god !!!u really replied thanxks^^
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    Which one is best for bulking??

    S4+lgd+mk677 or rad140+lgd+mk677
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