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    What kind of multivitamin y?all take these days? I?ve been taking Animal Pack for the longest but looking to switch to something preferably with less pills.
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    PCT after cycle and TRT

    Thanks guys for your valuable input. I will take your suggestions and take some time off before I jump on SARMs and also add organ support. Dylan, regarding the SARMs cycle, I?ve gotten good size from my cycle and don?t think I need to add more mass. When I start my SARMs cycle, I want to be...
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    Gym Opening May 7

    Our gyms opened yesterday...May 1st. I did my first workout today after been away from weights for over a month. It feels so good to be back!!
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    PCT after cycle and TRT

    Hi everyone, I?m sure this question has been asked before; I just finished up a 16 week cycle of Test, Deca, and EQ. I also took Proviron and Armidex with this cycle. I did my last pin this Friday. Next Friday, I?m going to start doctor prescribed TRT (90mg). My questions are; 1 - Is PCT not...
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    Pharmalady TD

    I wanted to give a shout out to PL for the excellent customer service and super lightening shipping. I put the order in on January 7th and my package was shipped the next day on January 8th. I received it today! I don’t know about y’all, but 7 days from date of order till date of receipt....from...
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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Cool DG! What do you think about adding Anadrol for the first 4 weeks of the cycle and also adding Proviron for the 16 week cycle? I hate to hijack someone else’s thread, but I’m sure your feedback on this will also be valuable for most.
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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Looking forward to feedbacks! I’m starting a similar cycle come January.
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    Sounds good!
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    Do you say it’s safe to put in an order now then?
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    Okay, good to hear PL won’t be affected
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    China has a new law regarding shipments of steroids out of China. I was reading about it in one of the forums.
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    Is pharmalady still able to ship to US even with the new China law??
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    RickRock's 1-Stop Domestic Shop HGH run with Test/Deca/EQ!

    Hey Rick, I’m not sure if you mentioned it previously, but what time of the day do you take it?
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    Pharmalady October Specials

    Is the Glotropin special going on right now?? The buy 2 and get 40iu free?
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    Next Cycle

    Thanks brother!
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    Next Cycle

    Thanks everyone for your inputs! DG, yes...I picked this cycle based on your videos and various comments on this forum. Also, can you send link for the organ support?
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    Next Cycle

    I’m currently on PCT and planning the below for my next cycle....for mass and also strength. Im also doing the cycle for 12 weeks. Please let me know what you guys think... Anadrol - 50mg/day (only for the first 4 weeks) Test C - 400 mg/wk Deca - 400mg//wk Primo - 600mg/wk I will also be...
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    Axio/EU HGH

    I’m glad the HGH is working out for you! How many IUs are you taking a day? Just wondering how long that 200iu will last.
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    Cycle Suggestions/critique

    Thanks for your comments ma man! Based on y’all feedbacks, I’ve decided to go with tren e. There is no point of adding extra pinning if it is avoidable.
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