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    What is a good pct that will allow me to keep the gains

    A sarms pct consists of the following A serm (most suggest clomid but I personally prefer nolva) And cardarine Clomid is dosed 50/50/25/25 If you run nolva I believe it would be 40/40/20/20 Cardarine is 20mg throughout. (4 weeks)
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    Apology to Dylan for lying... a 44'ism

    I must've missed how this whole brew hahaw between the two had ensued. But I have been kind of absent from the forum lately. Quite a bit to catch up on I see though
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    Tren and cholesterol

    If you have blood pressure issues you don't wanna run these harsh compounds. Start smaller, throw some tbol in there, maybe some eq but just donate blood at the half way point and then again at the end. Gotta be safe
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    It's basically a dht derivative. Not a sarm, but ya it is for designer purposes and has been shown to inhibit myostatin. That's bout all I know
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    Personal gyno question

    Thank you for the advice and information
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    Personal gyno question

    Ya my doctor said its a cosmetic issue and not a medical issue so I can't get it covered under medical... I also don't have the few thousand dollars that it costs in Canada to get it done. Perhaps I'll go in for another consultation, my brother has the same issue and he said he had pains in his...
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    Personal gyno question

    Hey guys So I have gyno from puberty, it's not too bad, not really noticeable unless I'm bending over or whatever. But anyways I decided to try to see if my nipples would excrete fluid. I attempted to squeeze the lump under my nipple gently and I did notice a clear fluid coming out of my...
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    I never had bad sides from tbol But I was running masteron so the acne and oily skin would've obviously been from that. I split my doses morning, preworkout and before bed. I felt a good sense of well being when I took it befor my workout. It was fantastic
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    What are your must have foods?

    Oatmeal Eggs/whites All kinds of veggies, spinach is probably the most convenient and nutrient packed though
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    Tbol is my favourite oral steroid I've used by far. I ran it at 50mg and tapered up to 75mg. Ran it for 6 weeks, stacked it with masteron and used it in my recomp/lean bulk cycle. It provides insane pumps that made my arms hurt, I gained a lot of strength pretty rapidly (however most of it went...
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    nolvadex only pct?

    You need nolva, clomid, and aromasin, gw 501516 can help combat the fat gain that can occur in pct and mk 2886 can help combat muscle wasting. You'd only be using the mk for 4 weeks so it won't suppress you harsh by any means. It's also optional but recommended. Definitely run aromasin, nolva...
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    nolvadex only pct?

    Not enough honestly man. That only covers a small portion and you'll have a very poor recovery. You need to get your pct on hand before you start your cycle
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    test cycle and boosters

    Did you just refer to those herbs as sarms? That worries me, do you know what sarms are? Was this a typo or?
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    Appetite stimulants?

    Yes it was called black hole. It's got some reviews on the bodybuilding . Com forums
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    Appetite stimulants?

    There was a product called like "black hole" or "dark hole" something like that and it was supposed to stimulate appetite. It was at a nutrition store in my city, I guarantee if you google a supplement to increase your appetite you'll find it. There are many that say they work but I have not...
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    Appetite stimulants?

    I've heard ghrp-6 stimulates hunger like crazy but are you wanting something natural?
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    I live near Vancouver as well my man. I find my cardio is just stupid easy since I've been running gw and SR. It's so hard to get out of breath
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    Ostarine MK-2866 Pill form by Savage LineLabs

    If you're from the states you're best off getting your sarms from sarmsx. If you're in Canada I understand you may wanna get a domestic source, there is one Canadian domestic source I trust but if you're American just stick with sarmsx for your products.
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    Just a warning to athletes

    Lesnar was on so much stuff lol I'm talking about like chad mendes caught with ghrp 6
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    Just a warning to athletes

    Best to just play it safe and smart, ufc fighters have such strict rules and are getting banned all the time, if you're in a tested league just don't fuck with it. But then again it's tough because people who do compete might wanna try a few sarms but then you're gonna be facing off against guys...
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