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    Little more info would def be helpful to get a better understanding of what ir goals are and where an appropriate place to start would be. Current stats, diet, training??? Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    April Price List

    List please... Thank u Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    Looking for a good domestic source

    Just read the Reviews... All sources here are legit and top quality... There are some great logs on sources as well... You are in the right place LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Expdom cycle

    Ok my brothers... A lil late logging but its been a busy week... My cycle and my probation are finishing up the same week and then the day after i leave for my Vaca to Boston!! Cant wait! Seeing more and more definition and still losing BF. My strength gains are at 20lbs for dumbell press. Went...
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    GW,S4,LGD-4033 log

    Its actually not too bad... I use the choc or vanilla and mix with peanut butter powder some almond milk n greek yogurt... Its delicious!! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    GW,S4,LGD-4033 log

    Iso Pure... 50g protein and 0 carbs... Only protein powder i use... LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    New to the forum scene

    Welcome brother!! Enjoy the RUSH!! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Expdom cycle

    You definately wont be dissapointed!! I take it on my heavy days or when i know im gonna need that extra push... It gets the job done! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Expdom cycle

    Yeah nearing the end... Feeling great!! I picked up some Tren A, Tren E, Mast P, Test P, Test E, TNE, & VAR... Took advantage of the Bitcoin Sale... Stocked up and will be ready for whatever i decide for my next cycle... Really loving this short cycle tho... Most likely stick to those. Taking a...
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    Expdom cycle

    So Thanksgiving is out of the way... Ran a 5k and felt hrear thru the whole race and had a great push at the end... I woke up extra early and took my TNE and it def got me the extra push i needed... Things are still going great!! I will update next week with some precise gains since i began... I...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Its all about family... Just ran a 5k this am with my 11yr old son and 9 yr old daughter... Life is good LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to All my AR Family!! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Expdom cycle

    You're gonna love it!!! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    New from Texas!!

    Welcome brother!! Enjoy the RUSH!! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Whats up from SOCAl :)

    Welcome Brother!!! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Does anyone have experience with BitCoin?? I could use some help on the subject. Looking for a safe and fast site i can use. I see a ton of them out there. I dont understand how I use my bitcoins for purchases. Seems easy to purchase them but looks like it could take anywhere from a few hours to...
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    Hcg question folks

    I do all mine subQ as well... Never had an issue. I also mix mine so that i can do .5ml and get my desired dose. Usually 500iu LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Expdom cycle

    Just a little update... Strength is up 10 more lbs and still looking leaner everyday it seems. My diet is def in check and makes all the difference for me. I have neen slaxking this past week on my cardio and i have a 5k coming up on Thanksgiving, so i gotta put in work this week. I know the...
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    The Beginning

    Following... LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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    Does it bother you when..

    Come on guys... Lets share the secrets of our success with others... Beer and Pizza Pre and Post workout!!! LET EM HATE... THEY JUST NV US
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