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  1. chardobon

    Pct advice

    I must concur that purchasing things from China is a genuine hazard. Prior to the invention of trackers, it was difficult to know if a package would even arrive. However, the quality is never up to par, and even the reviews are occasionally unreliable. So in here they are easily inflated, for...
  2. chardobon

    How long should I wait until my next cycle?

    When I was a teenager, it all began. I was initially loosing since I didn't understand how it actually operated. But as I gained more experience, it became less difficult for me to make forecasts or call official contests.
  3. chardobon

    Do SARMs build muscle without training?

    I don't want to deny that SARMs help builds muscle without training, but there are a few nuances.
  4. chardobon

    Building Muscle: Common Sense That Most People Forget

    Immediately I remembered the story of Dr. Burt, who talked about the benefits of many hours of sleep and how during this time there is weight loss and building muscle mass. I remember going to his seminar and asking him these questions. He told me that I should go to...
  5. chardobon

    Do SARMs build muscle without training?

    Peptides seem a little different to me. I recently started working out at the gym, and I want to rebuild my muscles faster. What can you advise me?
  6. chardobon

    Ideal HGH Protocol - Muscle Gain

    UPD. I've tried it as well when I was on my muscle gain way. I used to buy Rats Army SARMs for growth and endurance as well. They actually bind to androgen receptors in tissues, changing their composition and function, as it got me interested actually. There are a number of different compounds...
  7. chardobon

    Ideal HGH Protocol - Muscle Gain

    I too was dieting and dieting when I went to workouts and wanted to make my muscles bigger.
  8. chardobon

    Best Lab on Steroidify

    If we talk about Stroidify, it is better to consider it in terms of repeated experiments. The first of these can only be carried out where there is a ductless fume hood to pick up evaporating chemical element vapors. This ductless fume hood is equipped with an entire system of filters, which is...
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