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  1. Duff McWhale

    quick question on nolva/ralox

    yeh, just to be clear, most information on nolvadex cites that it works in the breast tissue and estrogen receptor sites, most of the website i looked at it didn't say that it blocked it in the entire body, which is what i was looking for clarification on. anyway, i have my answer now. thanks.
  2. Duff McWhale

    quick question on nolva/ralox

    yeh for sure, like i said i already have nolvadex on hand. what i really need to know is does nolvadex only target the estrogen in the breast tissues or does it block it in the whole body?
  3. Duff McWhale

    quick question on nolva/ralox

    been awhile since i posted. what up guys. i see that nolva/ralox both block the estrogen in the breast tissue, but does it also block it everywhere else in the body? i'm seeing stuff about ralox like it works as estrogen in the body, but as a blocker in other areas, but with the black box...
  4. Duff McWhale reviews and special offers

    any coupon codes?
  5. Duff McWhale

    Raising vitamin D3 to 10000 ius in winter?

    i was on 50k weekly, as well as 5k daily for awhile. once my levels got up to a good range my endo changed my 50k to monthly. when i asked her why, she said that getting it too high could lead to kidney stones. something to consider.
  6. Duff McWhale

    Sarms with pituitary micro adenoma(tumor)

    i have the same thing, i've used sarms and it's been fine. i will say depending where the tumor is, it can have different effects on your hormones. did they test igf1? i got a prescription for hgh from having mine diagnosed. i also had elevated prolactin, but once i got my other hormones lined...
  7. Duff McWhale

    22 year old i want to live but my body feels retired

    the thing that pops out to me about your post is the sleep thing. especially waking up every few hours, and never feeling rested. i would see if a doc will get you a sleep study done. i can tell you that fixing my hormones and adding diet/exercise was great, but fixing the sleep apnea helped...
  8. Duff McWhale

    Depression and T-Cycle

    i've been on lexapro, and every drug in that ssri class and i can tell you while they def helped, nothing came close to getting my hormones and diet in check. like everyone else has said, get the bloodwork done not just testosterone, igf1, vit d, thyroid pretty much everything. get your...
  9. Duff McWhale

    Newbie to the group & to proper cycling

    hey man, you seem like you are genuinely looking for advice. so the first thing i wanna say is don't feel hurt or upset at some of the things that are said, you have to understand that this same thing has been asked and happened to hundreds i'm sure thousands of guys. they get given something...
  10. Duff McWhale

    Hipocampus BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!

    when i go to my cart, all 3 different shipping options are $40. no difference in regular or express same price. seems odd. is that an error?
  11. Duff McWhale

    DGA Hoodies and Apparel

    I'm still waiting on the "Are you a bitch? Or the motherfucking king?" quote shirt hah
  12. Duff McWhale

    First ever winstrol cycle, am i ready ????

    you can overcome that fear in small steps if it's something you really want. i was terrified my whole life of swallowing pills, do you know how much taking liquid everything sucked? i would chew up aspirin and stuff, awful. one day i said fuck it i'm tired of this. i bought some small sprinkle...
  13. Duff McWhale

    Has anybody used hipocampus as of recent?

    hipo is always great. all the sources here are, but i've ordered from hipo several times. hasn't disappointed yet
  14. Duff McWhale


    it's funny some of the generic stuff i first tried i had pain in my wrists so bad it would wake me up at night. now i'm on pharmacy grade, they ship it right to my door and i don't notice anything hah. guess i got used to it
  15. Duff McWhale

    TRT a good idea?

    if your doctor isn't sure you are a good candidate for trt, you should find another doctor. get referred to a endo, let them do a full bloodwork, mri etc. and then go from there
  16. Duff McWhale

    Donated blood today

    that's not a concern man. guys on testosterone around the world donate blood, they've done it more than once;0
  17. Duff McWhale

    Low test and high estrogen levels at 23!

    i'm sure others will chime in, but that doesn't sound that unusual to me man. the more body fat you have (didn't say how it's tested, or if it even was), the lower your test can be, and your estrogen will be higher. i had the exact same thing. is your test low for your age? sure, your estrogen...
  18. Duff McWhale

    My Experience With Tren E - Hint: It's Good. VERY Good.

    interesting stuff man. so on top of your trt, what gave you the best feeling of well-being that you are talking about? was it just the eq or something else? seems odd that you feel tren turned your general good feelings up to 11, but you also said it made you unconfident and not yourself.
  19. Duff McWhale

    Vitamin D deficiency?

    no it didn't help, but neither did trt or hgh. My general feelings of tiredness, etc. didn't change until I got a consistent diet/exercise plan in place for awhile. A cpap machine did start to help a bit though for my apnea that I never knew I had. I see my endo every 6 months, so hard to say...
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