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  1. DeathDefier

    Robo Touchdown!

    I’ve always just done 1000/week Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. DeathDefier

    Tren effects on brain

    Tren works well so the trap is when people see it working. They figure if it’s working at this current dose then if I increase it my progress will be even greater. Unfortunately the laws of diminishing returns doesn’t agree this is how things work. The high doses tilt the scales towards serious...
  3. DeathDefier

    Tren effects on brain

    If you’ve done Tren it’s not hard to believe it’s possible. Tren affects sleep patterns, aggression, patience etc. I haven’t researched enough though to make an opinion other than it’s possible.
  4. DeathDefier

    Keeping water weight down?

    1.5-2 gallons a day works wonders. Also limit sodium. In the past I would use a lot of sodium laden things like Worcestershire sauce on my bland chicken etc to make it palatable. The problem was I soaked up water and held on to it. I’ve succumbed to my fate of bland foods and it’s helped. Sent...
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    when to choose between vitamin b6 vs caber when on tren cycle?

    400 Tren/500 Test. I dropped 100 off the Tren and my acid reflux went down.
  6. DeathDefier

    when to choose between vitamin b6 vs caber when on tren cycle?

    I don’t know what works for your brother but for me on Tren I’ve used 300mg of B6 twice a day. There are studies to show it’s legit in controlling prolactin.
  7. DeathDefier

    steroid cycle cutting

    Agreed. 15% bodyfat is high imo, especially for Tren. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Summer cut cycle

    Super solid physique bro
  9. DeathDefier

    Replacing Tren

    Tren is tough to ignore. In a calorie deficit it reigns supreme imo for body recomp. With that being said, it’s pretty harsh and I have the blood lipids mid cycle to prove it. Once a year about this time is all I do for Tren. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    test e dosage

    You can easily make gains under 500 a week. That’s just some arbitrary number that keeps getting regurgitated until it’s gospel on some forums.
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    Thanks for the heads up bro. I’ve been reading about fasting vs non fasting labs. Many European Drs seem to think fasting isn’t necessary for a lipid profile at least. Eating your regular meals will show a “true” marker, or number you have circulating on any given day versus a fasting which...
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    It would be incredibly idiotic to tell a Dr you are on illegal substances or legal substances exceeding your allotted dose. That is now a permanent notation in a medical file that insurance can also see...
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    My own blasts are self pay and therefore off my insurance. This means my labs can’t negatively impact me down the road with insurance related issues...
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    Tren Labs Im on Tren so I want to go to get labs. I heard Tren can throw of the PrivateMD bloods. I get testing done through my Dr but this one is on my own with a self medicating blast. Can anyone confirm the Tren thing?
  15. DeathDefier

    Bold Ace..!!

    The sides I get are acid reflux and occasional night sweats. The night sweats are not all the time. I eat extremely clean low carbs meals 365 days a year. I think the low carbs helps with this issue since the heat is noticeable after occasional carb reloading.
  16. DeathDefier

    Buddha's Spring Robo Cycle

    5% Nutrition Liver and Organ Defender and TUDCA from Nutricost can be bought on Amazon for great prices.
  17. DeathDefier

    Bold Ace..!!

    It’s completely normal and it happens when it gets cold. Just reheat it. I’m on his Tren now and it’s got me sweating like Mike Tyson in a spelling bee.
  18. DeathDefier

    Timing of when to dose Arimidex & Caber

    Every third day or something like MWF. Dose depends on your bloodwork.
  19. DeathDefier

    so this thing about prolactin

    B6 around 600mg a day most literature I’ve read stats.
  20. DeathDefier

    Western Union problems

    WU MG are way outdated bro....crypto is much much smoother
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