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    where do you train at?

    An old school gym by my house, never at home anymore
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    Do You Skip Leg Day?

    I never skip legs and I just started doing calves everyday
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    I've been using mine over a year and I still use it everyday
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    the results are in....

    Congrats brother
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    Ufc 195

    Im not going to bey on any of the matches either. I really like the Lawler/Condit fight, both fighters match up well with a slight edge to Lawler
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    HCG PROTOCOL Great fat burner???

    I also agree the HCG diet is garbage. You will lose fat but you'll also lose muscle. Start by getting your diet in check then your weight training and cardio. Good luck
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    Chip Kelly?

    He's got one of the best winning percentages in the NCAA. He'll most likely end up a Headcoach in College Football or an assistant head coach in the NFL
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    Ufc 195

    Any thoughts or predictions on Saturday's fights?
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    Chip Kelly?

    Not a bad coach IMO. He'll find a new home somewhere
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    Help w/ my spare tire!

    That's great advice brother. Holding off the gear and not taking stims is the right move. Your diet and training are the most important thing
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    New to the forum

    Welcome brother
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    Whats up brothers?

    Thanks guys
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    Whats up brothers?

    Many of you may know me already from other forums. I recognize a lot of your names too. I'm happy to be here
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    us.basicstero look out

    Is there problem with both domestic and international or just domestic?
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