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  1. Saiyan

    Robo Touchdown!

    I haven’t looked in a while but I’m thinking I remember 1000mcg every five days was a good dose. I’ll try to look a little deeper. And thanks for the review for Robo!
  2. Saiyan

    Test, tren a and tbol cycle

    Tbol is a good choice for any cycle in my opinion. It’s such a versatile drug. And as you know, tren makes everything so much better lol. I think it’s a pretty decent setup you have going here. Just out of curiosity, how much prami do you run for that? I probably wouldn’t need any at what dose.
  3. Saiyan

    Mk677 and creatine

    I don’t think most people would have a problem. Creatine is something that forces water into the muscles. It either gives you a fuller softer look or it doesn’t. But then again that’s what it is made to do, hold more water. What’s your goal? Get bigger and stronger? If so, then a few lbs of...
  4. Saiyan

    On cycle protection

    Royal jelly? Can’t say that’s something I can even recall hearing of. Now you have me interested lol
  5. Saiyan


    Everyday to keep blood concentrations stable and level.
  6. Saiyan

    AI help

    I’m with these guys. Do you run an AI normally? Also diet has a major contribution to face bloat. I’m talking down to minutes after eating meals. High salt is known to as well for me. Especially while on aas.
  7. Saiyan

    Tren ace source

    Robo tren is the best tren bro. Hit me with a pm for any questions pertaining to Robo. And right now we have BOGO on test cyp and enan. Perfect to add to your order!
  8. Saiyan

    Shortness of breath

    Are you gaining weight? Shit happens to me. And now that I’m 60lbs heavier from the beginning of my lifting, I’ll never breathe like I did back then lol
  9. Saiyan

    ROBO TD(again)/gear porn

    Have fun with it bro. As always.
  10. Saiyan


    Lol we have had var for over two years. But it was liquid. We went to tabs several months ago.
  11. Saiyan

    Tren shot frequency

    Just adjust the dose to the pin frequency. It might be the difference between .7ml and .8ml in the end but you can do the math to get the dose. Now my body doesn’t mind MWF vs EOD. That’s just me. And I had to try it to find out. The general consensus is eod and it’s tried and proven. But as we...
  12. Saiyan

    Question regarding SARMS

    Most sarms require a pct. if it needs a pct, that means it’s changed your hormones. In my experience LGD is the best bulkier, but I’ve also had bloods run by friends showing it is oppressive to natural levels. That being said, I don’t have the knowledge on some of the “newer” products so...
  13. Saiyan

    PCT and MK677 Help please

    Mk677 is one you should run for the extended periods. It doesn’t effect the hormones the same way the others do.
  14. Saiyan

    Crashed my E2

    Basically you just need time to fix itself. Your numbers are 800? What dose? For me, I would only need 0.5mg arimidex once a week to keep E2 in range. And that’s just as a precautionary measure.
  15. Saiyan


    Awesome they do quarter nicely! Did you use a pill splitter or just a blade? Best wishes on the wife’s recovery.
  16. Saiyan

    Week 5 Deca check in

    I will agree about the 10 seconds. I don’t care what exercise I’m doing, I need more than 10 seconds just to get breath back to go again lol.
  17. Saiyan

    Week 5 Deca check in

    Week five is when things start to get special. Keep us updated bro! Good luck and hold on lol
  18. Saiyan

    Needle source

    Gpz is good. So is medlabsupply
  19. Saiyan

    Just wanna say shout out Robo

    Hell yea bro. That’s how it’s always done. Thanks for the shoutout.
  20. Saiyan

    How to measure liquid Anadrol?

    No a full dropped does NOT equal an ml. Get an oral syringe to measure it out. Or just a normal syringe and take the needle off, draw out, and down the hatch. Please don’t guess with the plunger that comes. If you’re using drol, I assume and hope you’re using injectables too. Just use one of...
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