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    Looking for help finding info on Dogg Crapp workouts

    You guys are bringing back some memories from my DC days with "Cycle for Pennies" and lol. Also, the diet has changed a lot since the cycle for pennies days OP. McDonald's is not ideal food ;)
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    CC's Next Level Log

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Always insightful
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    CC's Next Level Log

    I find it interesting that you do shrugs on shoulder day. I used to do them and then stopped a few years back and haven't found the body part lagging by not doing direct work. In fairness, I have done heavy deads to hit them but I feel like shoulder presses hits traps too. What are you...
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    CC's Next Level Log

    I'm sorry for your loss CC. Hope everything normalizes for you and yours soon.
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    Robo test E

    I haven't noticed much difference between C and E with my use. Thus far, I have to say sust is my favorite but I'm trying prop this time so I can be sure I don't like short esters more. GL Saiyan...its well worth trying everything to see what you react best to.
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    CC's Next Level Log

    It certainly does. Was hoping you'd say you felt it better doing it close grip though ��
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    CC's Next Level Log

    Why close grip decline on day 94 CC? I know there's a reason because you plan everything out so well. Also, I do decline BB so if there's a good reason for this maybe I'll throw it into my mix!
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    Drug shipping from China story

    I just watched that. Its amazing to me how AAS gets mentioned in the same "breath" as Fentanyl.
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    Titan update! Plz read

    Horrible news. Prayers to Titan and his family for a speedy and safe recovery.
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    Surgery This Morning...

    Hope all went well Dylan. Rest up and take care
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    Cycle plan

    My training partner just ran a cycle with more tren than test and he loved it....and no sides.
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    CC's Next Level Log

    Is the plan still the New England's in October/November (I forget...have a friend who's doing a show in Ct around that time too!)
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    What BCAA powder do you use?

    Thank you for the website! I've never heard of it until I saw this post and was able to find a supplement on there that I was struggling to find!
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    CC's Next Level Log

    Everything is looking great CC. I really like how you take care of you body and don't overuse a body part that doesn't feel right. As we both know, that's how people get injured during cycles.
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    Shout out titan td

    Hoping I can share the same experience. I just started the ordering process a little while ago :)
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    Welcome to our NEWEST moderator... Saiyan

    I'm really happy to see this selection. Saiyan and I have had a few conversations privately since AR and ISarms and they're always informative and supporting. Congrats brother. Well earned in my eyes!!
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    Watch your health documentary on Netflix

    Just wondering how many here watched it and your reaction to it. I found it pretty eye opening and has me strongly considering trying to increase my fruits and veggies and reducing the amount of meat/dairy I take in. I worry that going to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle will make getting...
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    CC's Next Level Log

    I love this log CC. I really like how you get into the psychology of what you do. I think a lot of people here relate and you speak about things that we don't like to admit about kudos for sharing that side of things. As far as your beach story...I think that's a situation that...
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    CC's Next Level Log

    Keep up the great work CC and thanks for the feedback on Robo gear. I got some for my training partner and he's loving his robo test p and tren a!
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    What's best?

    Watch how much weight you use with rack pulls. I used to do these when I had a gym with a power rack and loved them but I did hurt my back once by doing too much weight and getting out of proper alignment. So keep it light OP....especially if you're trying to build strength from after your accident
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