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    Dylan Gemelli gynecomastia "gyno" surgery experience: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I will definitely reach out before I decide on the route to take.
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    Dylan Gemelli gynecomastia "gyno" surgery experience: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Perfect timing on this one. I've been researching this surgery lately. I'm leaning towards the cutting option like you got. There's also a freeze method. Seems less invasive but not sure if it permanently removes the gland. Great topic Dylan. Another good one. Thanks!
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    ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ (1SDS) - Main Thread

    The Pfizer Caber is in stock and ready to ship. The real deal. Pfizer. The best you can get. Reach out to Tazz.
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    Pfizer Caber 1mg in stock!

    The real deal Pfizer Caber is in stock and ready to roll. The high dose 1mg Tabs. Easy to split of you want 1/2 mg. You can buy it in 5 packs for $75 or 10 packs for $135. Reach out to one of the one stop Domestic reps. Tazz, Rick Rock, or Buddah.
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    Prove it!

    Can't best the product. Can't beat the team.
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    Another prep with 1SDS

    Nice one. Can't wait to follow the progress big Lexi.
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    Prove it!

    How about real third party testing on the gear you put in your body? That's right. Every single product that Pinnacle makes gets sent to an uninvolved third party testing lab to confirm it's legitimacy. You want proof? Ask us for the data sheets. We wait to make our product till we get...
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    1 Stop Domestic shop - YOUR top notch domestic source!

    Grab on people. Rick has as much knowledge as anyone on this board..............AND he has the best product youll find. From oils, Orals, PCT....the best. Rick will set you up with a program that will bring results.
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    ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ (USA DOMESTIC) - Official Thread 1-Stop Domestic Shop🇺🇸

    Oh man. It took a lot of work to get Tazz on board. He's incredibly loyal. We spent a long, long time to trying sway him our way......... But that's exactly why we knew he was the right fit. Tazz doesn't just jump on board because it looks a bit better than what's currently going on. He's a...
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    Domestic Shop has the biggest list you've seen!

    PM me if you want to see the biggest US Domestic list. The highest quality gear and communication second to none. Ask about the free Testosterone and Viagra or Cialis sale. Also ask about the Testosterone Undecanoate sale.
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    Get the best quality and service here with 1-Stop Domestic Shop gear!

    Free Testosterone and Viagra/Cialis! We must be crazy. Jump on this. It won't last forever.
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Get on this Undecanoate sale. Smoothest Testosterone ever!
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    New year new goals??? 1SDS

    From HCG, Prami, Caber, HGH, Oils, Orals, PCT..............The domestic US list is massive. Try finding a bigger list shipped from the US. Very rarely are there out of stocks on the list.
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    HGH Timing

    I've run HGH daily for 10 years or more and I have tried a few protocols. I find 1st thing in the morning the easiest and most sensible scientifically but there are times when I switch to bed time shots. If I've been having a hard time sleeping I will switch to nights and I find I sleep like a...
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    1-Stop Domestic Shop - PM me for a list.

    Pinnacle is shipping really fast right now. Orders are landing in a few days.
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    Pinnacle vs Axiom

    They are basically the same thing. Pinnacle comes in 20ml vials and Axiom are 10ml. Same carrier oils. Same raws. They are really well dosed. As good as gear gets. The Anavar comes 50 Tabs from Axiom and 100 from Pinnacle. That's really the only difference. Pinnacle Ships more days a week. A...
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    Big Sale! 1 stop Domestic shop

    All orders over $600 get a free 20ml of Test E or Test Cyp it Test Prop. You will also get a 10 pack of pharmaceutical Cialis or Viagra! Test Undecanoate is on sale. $30 for 10ml. If you like Sustanon, you'll love Undecanoate. It's the perfect Testosterone for winter gains. It pairs perfectly...
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    Long over due review for Buddhabuilder

    Buddah does good work. Communication is top notch. Product is as good as it gets. What more can you ask for.
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Time to get those winter cycles going. Bulk season is here. Reach out to one of Rickrock, Buddahbuilder or me for a list. We have the largest Domestic list that I've see yet. All shipped from the USA.
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    Get the best quality and service here with 1-Stop Domestic Shop gear!

    You can't beat the quality here. Time to ring in the New Year. Time to hit it hard. Gains gains gains. Reach out for a list.
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