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    9th Wonder came through!!

    Just wanted to give some huge props to 9th wonder. This guy is what customer service is all about. This was my first order with him, and kinda small. (HCG and var) I will be dealing with him again in the very near future. If anybody has doubts about using this source, let me put em to rest...
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    1st order A++++

    Ready to try these out!!
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    1st order A++++

    Just wanted to give robolics an A+ on my 1st order! Sent $ on tuesday, got some knarly looking goodies on Saturday!!!
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    I've used naps a couple years, never any issues. But I'm gonna try some of the sources on here. From what I've read it just makes sense to dump naps!!
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    Anonymousspeech down for ~3 days starting April 13th

    Got my list. Thanks bro!
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    Anonymousspeech down for ~3 days starting April 13th

    New to forum, just emailed for list and payment info to both addresses
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