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    Hamstring/hgh question

    Ok awesome appreciate it guys.
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    Hamstring/hgh question

    Ok I’ll probably give them both a try, what would you recommend for dosing for each?
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    Hamstring/hgh question

    Hey guys recently found out I have a tear in my hamstring, they don’t think as of now that I’ll need surgery but the rehab time is very long. I have some GW left over that I’ve already started taking. Was wondering if I added some hgh in if that would help? Anyone have success with it? Just...
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    Drinking on Cycle

    Haha very similar here as well. Used to go out way more do a lot more dumb stuff parties girls you name it. Not sure why but ever since I’ve jumped started cycling I’m borderline paranoid about what goes in my body whereas before I didn’t care even remotely. Guess I just figure if I’m gonna mess...
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    Outer pec/ front delt injury

    Hey wanted to give a quick update went to a buddy whose a sports doc I trust, he said no tear just a pretty decent strain on the tendon that connects your chest to your shoulder along with tendinitis. I’ve been admittedly overdoing chest because it’s been lagging so not a huge surprise. Also...
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    Testing the waters

    Keto definitely works but personally I can’t do it, feel tired all the time shit works I get all the bad sides where it’s not worth it. Overall just doesn’t work for me but it may for others I’m not trashing it. Diet is a very personal thing mess around and find what works for you. For me when I...
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    Bicept tear!!??

    No ones gonna be able to answer with that information if you have to wait 3 months (been there lol) either A. Layoff biceps till you can see a doc because if you completely tear it you’re fucked and will need it fixed right away. B. Lots of PT places offer a free consultation with the doc go in...
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    PCT. + Drug testing

    All those could definitely pop on a WADA test for sure, I’d be very careful taking sarms if you’re tested because although the half life’s are short don’t let it fool you detection times especially for say GW is rumored to be around 2-3 months. Also remember they are commonly faked so if you get...
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    Boldenone question

    Will let others advise doses as they are more experienced on it but in my experience with EQ it increased my libido tenfold. People who have labido issues probably don’t have their estrogen in the proper range whether than be crushing it or letting it go to high. But to answer no I wouldn’t say...
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    Outer pec/ front delt injury

    I’m still in my late 20s but I feel older, football did a number on my joints for sure. Feel like I went from high school where nothing could ever hurt to being done playing after college waking up and shit being sore all the time lol.
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    Outer pec/ front delt injury

    Yea I’ve heard that many times I’ve always just kinda stuck with it since it was a staple with football training high school and college but I’m learning the hard way it’s not the best. Dumbbells definitely create a more natural movement.
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    Outer pec/ front delt injury

    Rick will definitely layoff the bench for awhile maybe even take it out all together and replace with dumbbell lifts. Dylan and EZ, as of now no bruising but it’s right under a huge purple stretch mark but besides that nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve really had a focus on delts, upper chest...
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    Good News... ALL VIDEOS WILL BE RETURNING... Read to find out...

    Great news Dylan looking forward to it! Fuck YouTube and fuck all the keyboard warriors, when I posted the other day I didn’t realize how many of these kids actually were posting shit. Anyway now you control the game and information that gets out, id call that a win in the end.
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    My 12 week competition 2018 before/after.

    Damn looking good that’s a hell of a transformation.
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    Outer pec/ front delt injury

    Hey had a weird thing happen the other day and wondered if anyone has had this, I was benching and during my working set I lowered the bar down and felt what I’d describe as a pins and needles feeling in my left pec/ front delt. It’s a weird spot like when you lift your arm where your outer...
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    Pre workout advice or knowledge

    If it’s an early morning or a day where I feel dead for no reason I’ll always lean towards a high caffeine preworkout or a low cal monster at worst. But on most days the biggest thing for me is eating carbs before like a quick bowl of pasta and maybe throw some citriline/ Arginine in there for...
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    Tren related itch, and no sweating

    On a positive note with time if you start treating your body better normally it will heal and return to a normal state even if it takes a long time. Best of luck man.
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    Tren related itch, and no sweating

    Honestly you should go to your doc and be honest, I’ve never heard of this but it’s definitely not something to be taken lightly. First drop the tren, than I would heavily suggest trying to detox your body in an attempt to bring it back to normal. I’m not a doctor and this is all hypothetical...
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    My Youtube Channel's Updates...

    Totally agree with everything you said. I think you are handling the best way with directly bringing it to him and hopefully he’ll do the right thing on his end. Some kids love to play keyboard warrior and pass blame talk shit all behind a screen it’s pathetic. Lots of jealousy I’m sure as...
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    My Youtube Channel's Updates...

    Hey guys just wanted to share my opinion on the topic, first let me say that Dylan your videos have helped me very much especially in the beginning stages where to be honest I had no idea what I was doing and was just researching. Than also that 44 has personally given his advice on a few of my...
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