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    Late review, but Buddha came through again.

    My review is overdue, but better late than never. Received Test Cyp and Test Prop. Front load with Prop and full cycle with Cyp. Labs were spot on, and results were amazing. Shipping was fast and well packed. Buddha has never failed, my full trust lies with Buddha.
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    Pinnacle vs Axiom

    Any opinions on these two suppliers? Looking at test cyp and anavar.
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    Long over due review for Buddhabuilder

    I had been using ******* until there was a communication drop. This was last year, but I wanted to get the positive feedback out. Buddha came through fast and efficiently. Made amazing gains with a test cypoinate cycle that I front loaded with test prop. Definitely recommend him.
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    Domestic source question

    Good to go bro. I was out of the game for awhile, so time to adapt and overcome the changes. Thanks again.
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    Domestic source question

    I’ve been sending PMs for a reliable domestic source. I’ve received some good information, but I have a question. Does anyone know of a good domestic source that has payment options other than bitcoin or cash in mail? Any help would be appreciated. I’m going to keep sending PMs in hope of...
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    Anyone tried a test blend?

    Thanks for the info. That’s just what I was thinking. The three ester combos keeping blood levels stable.
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    Anyone tried a test blend?

    Does anyone have any opinions based on experience with test blends? Here’s what I’m looking at. Test Blend 350mg/ml (Tcyp 150mg, TestE 150mg, Tprop 50mg)
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    US domestic-only source

    New to the site, but not the game. Need a U.S. domestic please. Appreciate ya!!
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    Can I get a price list please. Thanks in advance!!! [email protected]

    Can I get a price list please. Thanks in advance!!! [email protected]
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