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    Proviron solo suppression

    Boron supplement works for me.
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    Pct for women after anavar cycle

    Make sure it is actually anavar. A lot of fakes out there. And for a male it isn't the biggest deal if it turned out to be winnie or d-bol, for a female... So make sure!
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    Sweet Spot Steroid Dosing: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Video seems to be down? Youtube giving you trouble again?
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    PCT (Test down, but LH & FSH high)

    Joint pain, low estrogen, higher suppression. Sarms might have had some winstrol in it? For me winny does just this, including the lower estrogen.
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    Only oral I will touch solo is Tbol (and this is just me, not advising) Just use a trt dose of test with it. Ive only seen guy's on superdrol who felt terrible, I would't touch it.
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    Dbol Tbol recomp

    Thanks for the reply. I'll cut the dbol dose to 20 and give it a try. I seem to respond really good to orals without much sides. I'll keep you guys posted.
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    Dbol Tbol recomp

    Age 45, 6'2" 220lbs around 9% bf I run one cycle a year just to maintain my current stats. I'm not interested in putting on more size. This is about the size I can keep on with one cycle a year. I like using Tbol with a low dose of test. Test always gives me sides so I keep it under 250. I've...
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    PCT Stage

    At least do a Nolva pct. Chances are you're going to be fine. But this is like russian roulette, don't do this again. I've seen people do winny only and feel like shit for 6 months, it's harsher than you might think.
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    I don't like nolva for gyno prevention. Gives me a significant rebound effect once I stop the nolva. Use aromasin if you're gyno phrone.
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    Bodyfat is too high to run a cycle. Estrogen conversion on dbol is going to be crazy. I've seen gym buddies try and fail many times. Lose 4-6% first you'll get more out of it.
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    Dbol + arimidex

    Dbol only? Don't! You have to have a test base or you'll have a hard time on cycle and in pct. You will probably lose libido and after cycle you'll feel like shit. Steroids are dangerous oral only even more so. Only oral I will touch without test is t-bol and even that is far from ideal. Don't...
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    testosterone enanthate

    700mg twice a week? So you're on 1400mg a week? Or 700 divided in to two go's? You're injecting 3ml a go? That's where the pain originates. How about side effects on this dose? Any anti-estrogen? I would switch to 350 a week injecting twice a week. Get a proper pct ready. If you're gear is...
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    Steroid novice

    Steroids after one year of training at 64kg. Please don't. You'll be disapointed. Gain 20kg naturally in the next 5-10 years (it can be done). Then reconsidder steroids, you'll be healthier and way better off.
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    Test e 250mg only cycle

    Biggest gain in strength and size for me came between 22-28 years old. There is a lot more to win naturally for you. Do your first test cycle at 30 -35 unless you are a prof athlete who needs it to compeat and makes his living off that.
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    Running 2 different orals for starter and finisher

    T-bol starter and winstrol finisher in a 12 week cycle. both run for 3 weeks did some nice things for me in the past.
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    On cycle protection

    Royal jelly: There are some studies done with a low dose of anadrol in mice: Results: In Oxymetholone group, sperm count, motility as well as testosterone concentration reduced significantly (p<0.05), while significant (p<0.05) increases...
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    On cycle protection

    I've read a lot about supplement that supposedly protect against hormonal side effects during a cycle. Mainly the focus was on keeping testicular size / function, natural T and fsh production. Many of them have only been animal tested. Some have shown great results... in mice :rolleyes: I...
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    Why do orals fit me?

    Haven't thought of it like that. So probably me having a hard time recovering after a test based cycle has more to do with estrogen then low test. I didn't think 480 was very low in my 40's?
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    Why do orals fit me?

    Good point!
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    Why do orals fit me?

    I know this is a controversial question but if a turinabol only cycle reduces my test levels by 50% (t levels went from 480 to 234) wouldn't i bounce back to normal levels faster then when I would use a test base? The thing with test is; I notice the shutdown instantly and feel like I need more...
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