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    Prep for bodybuilding competition

    will it be beneficial to add hgh 2 ius for fat loss purpose ?
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    Insulin and HgH

    Can I add 2 ius of HGH for my contest prep ?
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    Prep for bodybuilding competition

    - Anti Estrogen Armidex 1mg 3x / week ( bad at guessing how much I need, so I just dosage it like this ) 👈🏻 fix me here as well.
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    Prep for bodybuilding competition

    I’ve nearly 28 days left for my competition on next month. My stats Height 5’7inch, weighing 68kg, gonna play on 65 category, so I’ve to weigh down bellow 65 until I reach into a good shape. Gears Taking- Oral- YK11 - 15mg Winstrol - 20mg ED(ll bump up to 50mg ED) Anavar - 20mg ED(ll bump...
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    First testanon 250 cycle first shot ( 250 gm / 1 ml )

    I need help,I just took testanon 250 only' on my LEFT shoulder on Monday, 1ml shot (250gm) & it's my first time ever taking any roids, I was thinking to run it 500mg a week, as you said on your sustanon 250 vlogs. Now problem is after taking my first shot now it's paining like HELL, I barely...
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