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    Pharmalady communication issues?

    Has anyone else has trouble reaching Pharmalady recently? I put in an order a few weeks ago and have sent multiple emails with no response. I know she was having technical issues with her price list email so maybe her other email address is having the same issues? She’s always so great with...
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    Pharmalady Specials Request

    Last minute request for Trestolone Ace, aromasin, and Lantus! I’m going to assume lantus cant be discounted but, hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask!! Love the products Pharmalady, excited to place an order next month.
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    First time ever getting on one of these boards. Not even sure if I’m replying to this thread correctly 😂. I Figured since I’ve googled so much shit over the years I might as well actually get a little involved while trying to further my knowledge of any and all things bodybuilding. 5’ 10” 275...
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