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    Whats next to stack with TRT?

    Sorry it was meant as a question.. If test is kept low enough (TRT) and your estrogen doesn't raise can this still lead to fat gain?
  2. J

    Whats next to stack with TRT?

    I see what you guys are saying.. but even TRT doses that don't let estrogen creep up too high? I believe they do increase appetite which can lead to over eating.
  3. J

    Muscle rage sarms

    arimistane is a very weak AI, you only need an AI if your experiencing symptoms of high estrogen, confirmed by a blood test because many times the symptoms of hormonal imbalance (Test & E) are similar, in regards to energy, libido and mood especially.
  4. J

    Whats next to stack with TRT?

    How is this so? If you are eating a surplus of calories, you'll gain weight no matter what. I've been on TRT for about 5-6mos now.. I've noticed a slight boost in metabolism, some muscle gain, but any fat lost has been the result of eating less. I don't know exact numbers but the scale has...
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  6. J

    Sarms and test propionate for crossfit

    small dose of test could benefit you but really though you should get some blood work, your test levels/free T could be just fine.
  7. J

    Body hair

    Since I've been on TRT (about 5mos) I've turned into a silverback lol I've always had my share of body hair.. it's all enhanced now. I've seen new growth too, hasn't done anything for my hairline obviously.. but I've always had a high hairline.
  8. J

    Strongest appetite suppressants

    Caffeine works too.. although you will build up immunity to it after awhile.
  9. J

    Doctors are useless

    Wow that really stinks man..sorry. If you can't find a doc that will help you may want to try a TRT clinic, it seems they would be more helpful as far as getting blood work done. Sounds like that doc was on the state board with his views... smh
  10. J

    PCT while on TRT??

    Been only a couple months for me.. and I agree completely.
  11. J

    Thoughts on My Blood Work

    Maybe your starting T levels were very low?
  12. J

    Cardarine and cardazol

    Did 25 min on the elliptical machine this morning like it was nothing!
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    Is it absolutely needed to run a test/gear base with SARMS cycle?

    I agree with sean.. I started feeling like that 6 months ago.. ended up on TRT. Wish I got tested sooner.
  14. J

    TRT and SARMS

    If you are on TRT, then technically your test levels would be "normal" by most standards. From there.. the playing field is level.. so both AAS and SARMS can work. I've been on TRT for about 2 months and I'm so glad I am.. I sometimes wonder how long had I been suffering.
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    Dianabol for potatoes, steroids made potatoes more nutritious (NO Couch potatoes)

    pretty cool! One of those things that make you say hmm.. for sure.
  16. J

    Beyond testosterone cypionate: evidence behind the use of nandrolone in male health -

    Good read! Out of deca, anavar, ostarine, etc.. which has the most healing power for ligaments etc..?
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    Dylan Gemelli Censored!: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    How annoying! Glad you're back!
  18. J

    DIM supplement?

    Thanks guys!
  19. J

    DIM supplement?

    Was wondering if DIM is worth taking, seems opinions are all over the place with this one. Estrogen blocker, just bad estrogen? What's the deal with this one? Does it have any value for someone on TRT? Since I've been on TRT (6weeks), my estrogen levels have rose but still within the normal...
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