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    First post

    Good luck buddy, have you got a preferred sport you're trying to get fit for or is this just Gym work?
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    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Thanks Dylan. Endure - I've got the one with the Mother buddy, I read this morning that people gargle with it to whiten their teeth, I think I'll swerve that!
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    Apple Cider Vinegar

    That's great info mate, I've read all sorts from people saying that it's fabulous and they lost 14lbs in days [which I don't believe] to people who are saying it's an old wives tale and actually does nothing. I've only been using it for 3 days so it's too early to say, but I'm using the same...
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    Question to Dylan

    You'll need to run EQ longer than other compounds, you probably won't even start to notice the full effects until 9 weeks in, it's much more mild than other compounds and works as a lean, slow, mass builder. I've actually run it at 400mg, increasing to 600mg as the cycle progresses and had...
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    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Has anyone got any experience with Apple CV? I've started taking a couple of tsps every day as I'd read it was good for a number of functions, I'm not considering it a miracle cure by the way, just a dietary supplement.
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    First test e only cycle

    What I can tell you is that you won't need anymore than 300mg p/w of Test E for your first cycle, assuming you're of the right age/experience to be using steroids in the first place of course. My first cycle was 10 weeks only using the above and it was great.
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    Advice on how to deal with this

    I can tell you first hand buddy that you'll need corrective surgery, my wife had weight loss surgery a few years ago and went on the same journey as you [you're in great shape by the way] and she lost over half her body weight. The removal of the excess skin can only be done by surgery alone and...
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    Need help related to estrogen levels

    Mate, I'm positive that Dylan will have a more educated answer but I suffered with gyno as a child from exactly the same reasons as you did, effectively I was growth hormone deficient and was given steroids [by the doctor], as a teenager, to remedy this. This then caused lumps under my pecs...
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    next cycle

    olderbro, you've just said what I think in my head every time I see one of these posts.
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    New Member Intro

    I'm only kidding mate, I've been to the states many times and I know how much you guys like your football. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on, as actually our stats [I'm slightly heavier than you] are really similar, and with you playing football and doing x-fit we've got the same...
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    New Member Intro

    Soccer? You mean football don't you! ;)
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    cycle help

    Buddy, if you are starting your first cycle you'll need to post up all your stats so Dylan and the guys can advise you in the best possible way. However, giving you the benefit of my experience, for your first cycle you just need to run Test on it's own at 300-350mg p/w [which is what I did]...
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    first steroid cycle

    My first cycle, which I'm just about to finish, is 300mg Test E P/W and aromasin twice p/w and I've had no issues whatsoever.
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    First Steroid Cycle

    Buddy, I'm on my first cycle and trust me these guys know what they're talking about and you'd do well to listen to that advice. I'm 9 weeks into a 10 week cycle and had watched all of Dylan's videos [plus others] before starting and have been pinning 300mg of Test E E/W [plus on cycle support]...
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    Cycle advice , test eq, test prop, tren E, stana tabs

    I'm sure the admin will give you more accurate advice buddy but the one thing I can see is that you're only running EQ for 9 weeks, but from all the information I've ever read it needs to be run for 14 weeks minimum as you don't start to see results until weeks 8-9, I'm not sure if the fact that...
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    Is it smarter to try different compounds separate, before stacking?

    I'm in the same position at the moment buddy and have the same mindset as you which is single compound cycles so I can adequately work out what works and what doesn't. I'm on my first cycle which is just 300mg Test E E/W over 10 weeks, on my next cycle I'll add in one compound and go from there...
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    T3 - Personal experiences and stacking

    I've just watched it buddy! You're a star, thank you very much, hugely appreciated.
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    T3 - Personal experiences and stacking

    I'm an inexperienced user so from what you've guys have written I think perhaps just using a higher dose of Test might be enough, perhaps some Winstrol, I'm certainly not ready for Tren yet! It seems that a dose of 25mcg might be sufficient but perhaps a build up to 50mcg and then the tapering...
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    T3 - Personal experiences and stacking

    That's great info buddy, can I ask though did you run it in isolation or with other compounds? As I stated above I was thinking about running it with a slightly higher dose of Test to offset too much muscle loss but didn't really want to throw another compound in the mix if I could help it.
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    T3 - Personal experiences and stacking

    What would you suggest Dylan? I know that Diet and increased cardio are top of the list obviously, but I actually suffer from Hypothroidism [hence the T3] and even though I do cardio everyday, sometimes for up to 90 minutes, it's just impossible for me to physically lose weight even though my...
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