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    What are your go to foods ??

    For the low carbers out there who wanna stretch those carbs, canned pumpkin, butternut squash, and zuccini pasta are a few extremely low cal and very volumous options to get creative with. I do some pumpkin, egg whites, and whey and make waffles
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    Hard time eating

    Dress up the chicken. I'm sensing a college budget and chicken and rice are both cheap. Have the whole egg in the morning not just the whites too Taco seasoning soy sauce mustard hot sauce Make one meal a stir fry and the next with buffalo sauce. keep it fresh
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    What do you eat for your healthy fats?

    Whole eggs, peanut butter, eggs, red meat, egg yolks. Did I mention eggs
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    What are your must have foods?

    Whole eggs Spinach Cinnamon Apple Cider Vinegar Cottage Cheese Those are the constants in my diet, I like to change up my protein and carb sources to keep things interesting
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    Parenting dilemma seeking an objective opinion

    So she's willing to give up schooling that doesn't cost her nearly what it would (idk if you pay her end partially or completely, either way its serious generosity) just to "join a sorority" aka slut it up for four years at parties? Tell your son to kiss her ass goodbye. If not tell him he's...
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    End transformation after 8 month triple cycle

    Good for you big man that's awesome! Keep grindin and puttin in that hard work
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    pct tips/bulking suggestion

    Gotta get huge, right babe?
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    Finally hit 200!! More progress!

    Quality > Quantity any day bro Lookin great
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    FIRST CYCLE Q (I'm already Jacked) - Picture attached

    Great conditioning! Curious what your height and weight are tho?
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    Determining Maintenance Calories

    Eat normally for a week and track your food and weight. Weigh yourself first thing in the AM each morning. Adjust calories up or down as weight fluctuates. Weight can fluctuate day to day so i think it's best to take a weekly average or simply weigh in once a week.
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    mcdonald's while cutting?

    Two eggwhite grillers from Chik-fil-a if its in the AM. GReat macros and taste great
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    Dak prescott or Romo (non aas related)

    Jerry Jones is a moron. This shouldn't even be a debate. Dak is the starter end of discussion. Trade away Romo to the Jets after the season
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    Foods for bulking

    2-3 cups of ff milk, scoop of whey, and the cereal of your choice. There are more dense cereals than cheerios
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    Foods for bulking

    Bagels Muffins Dates are dense. If you eat any fruit i recommend subbing in dates Have a bowl of cereal with milk
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    I'm gonna beat my sons ass

    Time to bust out the switch!
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    ***PHARMACOM 2016 Mr. Olympia Top 5 Pickem Contest***

    He put on a ton of tissue the past year. Now if he can just come in peeled....
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    ***PHARMACOM 2016 Mr. Olympia Top 5 Pickem Contest***

    1. Phil Heath 2.Dexter Jackson 3. Shawn Rhoden 4. Rolly Winklaar 5. Dallas McCarver
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    Got this PM this morning SMH...

    I didn't know Auschwitz survivors were still around
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    First cycle

    Get your diet and cardio lined up to achieve fat loss. Just not eating carbs does not necessarily guarantee going keto. Excess protein can lead you out of keto also Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dudes in my gym gettin ballsy... vent

    44 all your stories f*ckin crack me up and are always good entertaiment. Take this as a compliment when I say I picture you as basically mid-90s Ronnie coleman
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