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    Shitty bloodwork, AI advice for trt/cruiser

    ofc you should get an AI , aromasin would be great
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    PharmaLady Germany Shipping

    Has anyone from germany ordered from Pharma lady? how were the customs there?I'd appreciate any feedback as i'm going to place an order which would require shipping there
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    Question about Ostarine, Cardarine and Ligandrol - cut/bulk

    ofc it's , it's the best sarm for endurance & fatloss together with sr 9009 , it would be a great aid
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    250mg of test

    bro if you have to ask such a question you need to educate yourself more before using AAS (no hard feelings)
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    Question about Ostarine, Cardarine and Ligandrol - cut/bulk

    ligadrol is the worst choice for a cut , GW is best , Ostarine is for recomp/healing mostly but can be used for a cut also ... Gw+s4 would be great for cut
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    very vague question , post your stats and experience...
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    Sarms for 20 weeks

    you can run mk 677 year aroud but rad and lgd would be better ran for 12 weeks then pct 4 weeks then wait another 3-4 weeks and start again
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    Testosterone Suspension

    proviron also and some hgh/mk 677
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    Platinum Biotech

    they are 100% legit and g2g , me and my friends use all of PL's products with great satisfaction
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    New SARMS sponsor coming soon... ESARMS

    i think they haven't opened yet
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    Blast 4 months cruise 2 months?

    waay too soon bro , if you really wanna start that soon i'd suggest using some sarms and not AAS so fast
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    Epistane Cycle

    Your first cycle should be Testosterone only ...
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    Losing my shit on halo

    Duration and also underdosed for sure , halo is probably the hardest steroid to find legitimate source for , it's very expensive to make and very often faked
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    Cardarine for female fat loss

    cardarine + sr9009 would boost her metabolism/endurance with no sides whatsoever. S-4 and or ostarine could be a great addition help her hold on to the mass/strength while she diets Sr 9009 dosing schedule sucks that's why i shied from it (5 mg every 3 hours) I would go with GW 20 mg/day and...
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    one of the worst compounds you could have purchased in your situation, TREN is for an advanced user not a begginer
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    NPP Cycle and Prolactin

    i didn't need caber at 350 npp/week , you may be as lucky as me and just require b6
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    Losing my shit on halo

    i would lower the test dose to ~300-350 and add some masteron or winny(or both) if you want a proper cutting cycle
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    Losing my shit on halo

    bro 40 mg of halo is A LOT ...i would use 20 or 30 MAX and on top of that you also have tren in there? you could be arrested if properly provoked
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    Rad/Mk/Osta PCT

    your cycle should have looked like this: 1-12 RAD 140 20 mg/day 1-12 Ostarine 25 mg/day 1-24+ mk 677 (you run it throughout your mini PCT and continue it even after it's over cuz it's not supressive) 9-12 DGA post CT (a test booster to have a smoother transaction into mini PCT and keep more of...
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