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    Word...the old ways had some value!
  2. Rookie75

    Something ALL of us need to hear/be told time to time

    Fuck yeah!!! Self analysis and brutal honesty are the only way to stay motivated and push through those hard ass fucken days. Respect 44!
  3. Rookie75

    Today new disrespect

    Pretty Much...
  4. Rookie75

    What did you eat for lunch today?

    4oz Basa with tomato and 6 baby potatoes.
  5. Rookie75

    Need some help, don't know what to do next.

    What buen said. Must have the financial resources to safely use AAS.
  6. Rookie75

    What AAS are you running right now??

    Test Cyp Tren E Ancillaries Tren is kicking my ass though...going to have to dial it back a bit.
  7. Rookie75

    Holiday cycle interuption

    Cool. I appreciate the feedback!
  8. Rookie75

    Holiday cycle interuption

    lol....crazy. I wish it were that easy here!
  9. Rookie75

    End transformation after 8 month triple cycle

    Great work man! Respect!!!
  10. Rookie75

    Holiday cycle interuption

    Cool, would you just add the week or would you just cut that week out. Im running a 14 week cycle so just go with 13 weeks or 15?
  11. Rookie75

    Holiday cycle interuption

    Good to know....thanks.
  12. Rookie75

    SARMS & CBD Oil?

  13. Rookie75

    Holiday cycle interuption

    Hey gang, so my family dropped a Cancun trip on me MArch 22. I will be in week 6 of my 14 week cycle. Normally i dont travel while on gear but this is happening. i will be without SARMS, inhibitors, and my injectables for 1 week basically mid cycle. Any advice? How do you folks manage these...
  14. Rookie75

    Diet and Nutrition basics 101

    Yo! So sugar is the enemy...correct? Refined sugar needing no explanation. WHat about fast absorption sugars like in fruit? Can you provide an example of normal sugar intake in grams in a healthy diet? For fitness pal app allots for 84g of sugar per day. i rarely get over...
  15. Rookie75

    When did you boys jump on the hot sauce!?

    Yo! 36 i took my first injectable for TRT. After DR prescribed this i said what the hell might as well give it a go. Up until this point i always avoided AAS. All my buddies were doing it when we were early 20's but i didnt want to fuck up my baby making abilities. I started cycles shortly...
  16. Rookie75

    BULLSHIT TIME OVER. The devil behind insulin, carbs and keto diet.

    Thanks for this man...very informative thread.
  17. Rookie75

    After seeing your video i feel like quitting whatever and whomever i m following and

    Fuck man...get in the gym for 10-12 years and learn as much as you can before you ruin yourself. IMagine this...20yrs old and cant have sex because your dick has no pulse...if this isnt enough for you to run the other direction now then nobody can help you. This is where your headed man. among...
  18. Rookie75

    please help: maryjane and the juice

    I feel it really helps with sleep and in the same i guess.
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