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  1. VtwinJunkie

    how old is everyone here?

    44 yrs old and I liked He-man
  2. VtwinJunkie

    What Does Your Screen Name Mean?

    I ride Harleys and years ago there was a saying, "ride it like you stole it" printed on the backs of Tshirts and such. Years later I saw somewhere that someone spun and changed it to, " Ride it like you can fix it", that I thought was BADASS so I changed it a little to "Illfixitmyself". It says...
  3. VtwinJunkie

    I need some advice

    I work out at homke and if your pic is in your home gym you have a nicer setup than most
  4. VtwinJunkie

    realistic expectations from using exogenous testosterone

    I learned in my first cycle how crucial diet is. Eat 3x as much as you usually do.
  5. VtwinJunkie


    This is the exact thread I was looking for. I was wondering what ppl would say about HCGenerate. It is crazy expensive. I've bought a couple bottles. I was told It helps with cycle recovery AND keeping the boys plump while on cycle and being shut down. Is at least the part about keeping the boys...
  6. VtwinJunkie

    What are you doing right now?

    reading your post waiting on some rice to cook
  7. VtwinJunkie

    Recent episode of Joe Rogan Experience

    I saw his stand up before he even started with the UFC. guess I'm aging myself.
  8. VtwinJunkie


    They lost so many ppl with years of experience and knowledge willing to share and help others. guess some ppls motivations are different than others.
  9. VtwinJunkie

    Wiring Money Information

    I think money gram is cheaper
  10. VtwinJunkie

    Just Saying Hi

    welcome lots of ppl here willing to help with good advice
  11. VtwinJunkie


    Does prolactin levels get to high with low doses of nandrolones or only with high doses?
  12. VtwinJunkie


    It was funny when ppl dint know why "rush" was getting bleeped out.
  13. VtwinJunkie


    Welcome to ADRENALINE **** O0H wait on this forum the word "rush" doesnt get banned
  14. VtwinJunkie

    passing by to say hello to my boys

    welcome Hurricane. I've seen you over at Evo. Nice to have you here.
  15. VtwinJunkie

    Cycle update. Input needed.

    Any word on your blood work?
  16. VtwinJunkie

    Injury pictures

    get well. Hope all is good monday and you are back in the gym.
  17. VtwinJunkie

    Cycle update. Input needed.

    Yes, we are all tuned in and waiting for these results.
  18. VtwinJunkie

    Cycle update. Input needed.

    Thats what I'm doing now. Just not sure if I'm ready to lock into that for the long haul at this point. :shock: we are all watching and waiting for the blood results. I was thinking about diet today. If I am trying to loose a little excess around the mid section does that mean I cant gain...
  19. VtwinJunkie

    Cycle update. Input needed.

    No I didn't. Now I have started some different test at a trt dose. I'm deciding if I should pct and then start all over again or if I should try blast and cruise. I'm 44 and before starting down this path my test was 365 I think.
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