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    Customs Question

    Thanks for the reply. How long should it take for the seizure letter to arrive?
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    Customs Question

    I’ve got an order coming from one of the sources most loved here and have ordered from them in the past with no problems. I’ve got a package that’s been stuck in customs in Miami for 17 days now. Never had one take more than a few days to clear. Is this something to be concerned about at this...
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    Tannerses - Banned Nutrition Log

    Hey, started a new job and been super busy but wanted to update my log on these supps. Been taking the full 6 pill and 7 pill dose for the last couple weeks. I take 4/5 preworkout and 2/2 about an hour postworkout. Things I’ve noticed in addition to the huge increase in focus and aggression...
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    Tannerses - Banned Nutrition Log

    UPDATE: Well, it’s been a week! I am loving these products. So much more focus and energy in the gym. I just upped my dose to 3 capsules of each about 30 mins preworkout and then two more of each 5 mins before. I actually had some coffee today with my pills and didn’t notice much of a...
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    Tannerses - Banned Nutrition Log

    First of all I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to test these products and run this log! I planned on starting on Monday but had some things come up as I am actively seeking new employment. Some baseline info to set the stage for this log: I’m 42 years old. 6’-2”, Currently...
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    New SARMS sponsor coming soon... ESARMS

    Super excited about this. Looking forward to getting my hands on some. Thanks to all that made this happen!
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    PharmaComStore Auction (ENDED)

    I will up the bid to $57. ����
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    Injection issue....need some guidance.

    Ok, noted. I had just pinned my other glute with 3 ML of Test Cyp and NPP and I guess I was just being lazy about finding another spot to pin. Will a heating pad and massage help or should I just leave it alone?
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    Injection issue....need some guidance.

    I was injecting 2ML’s of Robo’s wonderful Primo on Wednesday. I was trying a new pin size out (25 Gauge 1-1/2 inch). As you can imagine it was slow goin getting it in due to the oil. I thought I had emptied the pin and pulled it out and was surprised to see that I still had about .3ML left. Not...
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    Magic in a pill

    If you insist on doing two orals together might I suggest 30mg of Tbol and 25mg of Winny. Fantastic results!!
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    Intermittent fasting facts and fiction explained: by RickRock

    Rick, I have had good results with IF also, especially paired with a low carb diet and MK-677. There has been a bunch of scuttlebutt about some recent studies that supposedly show that IF can lead to greater amounts of belly fat, increased insulin resistance, and an increase in free radicals...
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    Probiotics Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Anyone have a favorite Probiotic that they recommend?
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    Dylan, are you planning to post your old Probiotics video to the Elite Fitness site? Anybody have a favorite Probiotic they are using and feel like it is making a difference?
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    Importance of Fasting/GW501516

    Guys/Gals, Take a minute to read: Some interesting stuff!! Thanks, Tanner
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    Deprenyl.......anyone use this or have experience with it?

    A few articles I saw: I am a bit of bio-hacking/science/supplement nerd so I love stuff like this. In...
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    Deprenyl.......anyone use this or have experience with it?

    Very interested in it’s purported positive effects on aging and keeping the neurological system in tip top shape. There are even studies showing increases in testicle mass, sperm motility in rats.
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    Blast Cycle Critique Please

    OK, thanks for the feedback. Anything else I might be missing or any suggestions?
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