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    DBOL insomnia

    I agree with Rick, the combination of everything listed has your system working overtime to process it all. The body can get stressed from the compounds in the same way that it gets stressed from your workouts. The CNS also gets stressed. You may just need time to adjust or you may be sensitive...
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    Video The benefits of massage: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I'm a bid fan!! Deep tissue massage once a month keeps me lifting and flexible. When I skip a month I can totally feel it. My body becomes drawn in and tight. If I could, I'd do it weekly. Try to find someone who does sports massage and deep tissue/Swedish massage. Also finding someone who can...
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    How much testosterone do you actually need?: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    my sweet spot is around 250-300 for weekly use. I feel good here, my labs are all clean here and I have no side effects here. I'll push it a bit higher in my blasts but always return to this as my baseline. As I've aged I don't feel the need for super high doses of anything anymore. Good info...
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    Huge Forum Update - Major Upgrade Coming

    new site looks good. I need to stick around a bit more. SL
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    Low Dose tren; any point in it?

    I've run micro doses of Tren the last three years with great results. Its an incredibly strong AAS and for all those who say it wont do anything unless you pin 400mg, that's just not true. I've taken no more than 50mg a week for up to 30 weeks and had great results, strength, cutting, capped...
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    💉💉The BEST TRT Stack EVER💉💉

    I know this post has some age on it but, This for me wins the BEST QUOTE OF THE WEEK BY FAR. Good advocacy here Bro!! There should be a lot more guys pushing this way of thinking vs slamming barrel upon barrel of grams driving up sides and fighting unneeded BS all the time. "SYNERGY." Well...
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    Pharma Lady Email Revamp

    The emails above listed one for lists and one for questions. Is there a third email for orders?? or do orders fall under questions?
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    Pharma Lady's Nandrolone feedback

    Interesting.. I'm about to start up a short 6 week NPP cycle but DEF don't want any libido loss. I've never had ANY issue when using Deca but was wanting to do a short ester In/Out with NPP. Ill keep big eye on my Estro and and prolactin levels..
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    Pharma Lady's Nandrolone feedback

    Hows the NPP experience >> seeing gains, benefits yet??
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    Sweating out in the sauna

    Thanks. We get lots of use from it
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    Sweating out in the sauna

    Sorry pics are sideways but you get the idea anyway.
  12. SL15

    Sweating out in the sauna

    I Built my own sauna- Old School Wood Fired. Absolutely love that thing
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    Spots on arms

    hmmm. not sure on that. I have a few on my upper arm they were hard(under skin like acne spots) that have now reduced to flat painless dark purple spots. They arrived mid Tren cycle over a year ago. there are about 3 of them, one on Right arm and two on the left in almost the exact same spots...
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    Spots on arms

    let me rephrase... they havent always been there. When they appeared, were they more hard and angry and then reduced to where they are now> or did they appear just as they are now without any change?
  15. SL15

    Spots on arms

    were the darker purple spots hard at some point? have they reduced in size and anger and now just kind of linger as a non sensitive purple spot?
  16. SL15

    Spots on arms

    I suspect what hes describing is cystic acne spots on his arms. Cortisone injection and salycilc acid works to remove/reduce Cystic acne as the acne is actually under the skin not on the surface. cystic acne is primarily caused by hormones not just typical oily skin conditions.
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    Spots on arms

    yeah, hard acne spots that never actually go away?? I had a few from a Tren run over a year ago.. Still small visible on my rt Upper arm. Interested to see/hear any responses as well. I know dermatologists use salycilic acid to break these kinds of things up and I even asked for any sources ( I...
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    B12 dosing and Cypionate frozen

    Exactly this !!
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    Estering is what happens while you are Gymming. It is the psychological Beasting of the body. The fauxing of growing.
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    Getting sperm frozen??

    Cream of Chicken
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