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    Cycle help for Old School!

    Specific goals would be many but for starters; energy ? with a handicapped liver, I start every day with a 100lb backpack on. Staying power or endurance. Mid afternoon I want to be active versus napping. Strength ? the ability to continue working construction on my properties. Soreness ? my...
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    Cycle help for Old School!

    I appreciate the responses and assistance. I just ordered the Organ St and I am ordering bloodwork later tonight for Monday, for my baseline. I know my testosterone will be at the very bottom or minimum on the blood tests criteria?s. Instead of the women?s test I formerly used which included...
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    Cycle help for Old School!

    I just received my SARMS from Sarms4Sale and I am impressed, so far, with the excellent delivery time. They sent S23 which I did not order and omitted the S4. Anyway, no problem I will address that issue on my next order. I am requesting help with my stack and I will provide all the goals and...
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    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

    Died in helicopter accident today.
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