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    Mid cycle bloodwork

    From the info given, I'd say your gear is 100% underdosed. Less than 1500ng/dl is wack. It should be WAYYYY higher than that.
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    CVS vs Pharma Lady Test Cyp Bloodwork

    Here are the results from PL. Once again 175 mg/ week this one was six days after I had pinned myself. Awesome! Love to see bloodwork. CBB and PL are great and have incredible customer service!
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    First Time looking for advice

    SARMs aren't going to pack on 20lb of muscle. That would take a long ass time unless you did AAS.
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    Dragon Pharma/Alpha Pharma

    I've seen Jon Skywalker post a couple bottles of tren from dragon pharma, so they're probably legit. Google will probably tell you better than this forum.
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    My 12 week competition 2018 before/after.

    Did you get the Plat Bio clen? How effective was it?
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    Robolics blood work results at week 9

    What site do you use for bloodwork?
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