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    Looking for a one stop shop

    Hey all me and my wife just got our blood work and everything is good and healthy. We are looking for a one stop dom source. She is looking to cut and im looking to bulk if anyone has a good listnor source and can hook me up i would greatly appreciate it Thanks J
  2. J

    Looking for a source of HGH

    So i have been running norditropin yellow at 3 IUs daily for 3 months and im almost out. I want to continue for about another 3 to 4 months i was wondering if anyone knew of a good brand at a decent price. Also ive always gone into my belly fat but ive heard of others putting it into their...
  3. J

    Robo labs run

    Im just taking Test e 400 and tren e 200 just to get back in the swing of things before i run a full cycle in the winter
  4. J

    Robo labs run

    I got my package from robo about two weeks ago and the stuff is clean. It injects smooth and im extremely happy! This guys shit is legit!
  5. J


    Hey i was wondering if anyone has used roxilabs and if they are credible or not. Thanks
  6. J

    Another noob needs help

    Im already about 3800 a day across 5 meals and 1 shake. But on a good note ill be picking up a trainer/coach again i ran into a guy thats been coaching for years and i remember him from 6 years ago. So hopefully he can get me in the right.direction again
  7. J

    Another noob needs help

    What would be a good substitute other than tren if im just looking to bulk?
  8. J

    Hey rickrock can you send me a list pls. Email is [email protected] thanks a bunch

    Hey rickrock can you send me a list pls. Email is [email protected] thanks a bunch
  9. J

    Another noob needs help

    Well i can always hold out on the tren for now but as far as the test im definetly going to need to take it or ill never recover i doubt my natural T level will ever get back above 300. So is test e 2x a week too much?
  10. J

    Another noob needs help

    Id say my muscle memory is pretty much back by what ive been lifting i feel pretty good my deadlift set i finish my 4th set with 405 x 6 after doing a 315 × 12. My dumbell press i do 4 sets of 12 to 15 with the 90s. The strength and everything is there its not like i lost a ton during my vacay...
  11. J

    Another noob needs help

    I find it funny all everyone sees is 2 months... thats 2 months back ive lifted since highschool and got really serious about it in my late 20s so ive lifted for around 12 years previous to my hiatus
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    Another noob needs help

    So let me give a little background on myself. In my late 20s is when i started working out and getting really serious into i had a coach and diet planner the whole 9. Also with the coach he had me setup on cycles to which many years later i barely remember what i took and how much of each. I...
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