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    Finally back-Storage question

    Re: RE: Finally back-Storage question While I'm gone and making sure no one finds them. I'm working 300ish days a year away from home and worry a lot. I never transport it's very easy to find gear locally.
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    Finally back-Storage question

    Hey guys, I went on a trip without notice. I had a general no BS question. Storage? How should one go about keeping gear safe and secure. I get the whole "dry, cool, dark" I mean innovative ideas on how and where to keep it. I hope you guys know what I mean, also if this is a bad topic please...
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    When do you like to inject?

    I think doing this reduces PIP (I have only anecdotal evidence so take with a ton of salt) I prefer test prop but get debilitating PIP until I started pinning delts before I get in the pool and swim for cardio. I feel like all the blood moving through the area helps reduce the inflammation.
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    That moment at the gym, when you catch a HOT young girls attention....

    That sucks the younger one didn't want it. Maybe some of the other Vets on the board will attest to the fact that outside the major military bases A LOT of girls are looking for Military guys and are on the prowl for one. Especially in the civilian gyms and bars. Your story reminded me of some...
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    Super Test 450 & Boldenon Acetate

    Re: Super Test 450 & Boldenon Acetate Where'd you get the boldenone Ace? PM me? I really would like to try it!!
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    Which steroid have you never ran that you want to try?

    Hey Mr. Jack Steel glad to see you're here! I am in the process of writing an article about using PED's for medicinal purposes I should have to to Mr. Gemelli soon to be put up on the site.
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    Up the dose or add a compound?

    I'll do 6 weeks with the Tbol. I dont think it'll be nesscesary anyway im looking forward to the NPP and high(er) test. Thank for everything. And for the record, I don't want to seem like an ass so I throw the disclaimer out. I don'town the place and freedom of speech stops where your property...
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    Which steroid have you never ran that you want to try?

    Anavar does but through a different pathway. EQ and Primo help build more collagen. Nandrolone supports the hydration and fluid in joints and tendons. Anavar and winstrol both build the actual existing tendons. But winstrol builds a bigger weaker tendon and anavar builds a denser tendon. The...
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    Letro & Sex drive

    I haven't done too many shows but Jesus god I can't imagine I'd be in the mood! Good luck!
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    Nationals cycle

    My only thing is get blood work, its cheap compared to the cycle. I assume you understand the hormones in those amounts isn't healthy but you'll bounce back eventually. DON'T get bloods done mid cycle it'll mess with your head and you'll start to doubt your self. Obviously if you feel like hell...
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    Up the dose or add a compound?

    Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Up the dose or add a compound? That's the damn one that gets me! I swear my blood look great until week 8 they're OK, still within the normal range just starting to become concerning and then by week 12 they're shit. I am prone to, estrogen sides and lipids but I swear I...
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    winstrol only cycle (no test sarms ,armidex or clomid)

    I went hunting this morning and thought about this post, my question is do you have enough money to cycle? I swear I'm not talking down to you, please don't get upset I come from a very humble family. I mean do you have enough money for ancillaries, syringes, needles, food, health supplements...
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    Up the dose or add a compound?

    Re: RE: Re: Up the dose or add a compound? Is there any other markers to look for when judging effects of a toxic compound?
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    Which steroid have you never ran that you want to try?

    I'll be honest I have not, I am extremely prone to water entention and gyno. Every male in my family has it naturally :( I started with a 12 week prop only cycle because that's what I could get my hands on and never looked back! I am becoming more curious and I am planning on changing my ways...
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    Which steroid have you never ran that you want to try?

    I think a low dose of anavar, around 10mg for men, should be added to a cycle for two major reasons; the increased rate of cross linking pro-collagen II and the improvement in nutrient partitioning you gain from the compound. The nutrient partitioning I have yet to prove with scientific evidence...
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    Up the dose or add a compound?

    I do have a question about this. I get blood work done every 4 weeks year round (It's free for me) and i have run tbol and var up to 4 months with no alarming liver stress markers, no lethargy, no change in kidney function, the only thing that was effected was cholesterol which came back 4...
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    Which steroid have you never ran that you want to try?

    That cycle I have run 3 times and the reason for the prop is because the goal was a faster marathon time. I don't recommend doing this but 100mg of T Prop on Mon. and Wed. And you get the recovery benefits of test but by the weekend the water goes down making the long runs easier on the joints...
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    How to safely run a trenbolone cycle: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    From my observations, make known I've never used tren, of other people that the better your starting condition the less severe the side effects are. Mostly because I feel like the person needs to dial in mainly their diet because it affects the body just as much as any drug.
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    Which steroid have you never ran that you want to try?

    The highest I've run it is 300mg/week but I'm not looking for huge gains from it. One of the best things about primo is the feeling on it. It almost feels like you're natty but with awesome genetics. Drop to at least 8%BF (Real 8% BF) before you run it and keep a slight (Key word slight) surplus...
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