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    Pharma Lady March Specials

    Hitting up that GH deal for sure!
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    Samson Supplies Spring Cycle Log

    Pre-Samson Labs Below
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    Banned Nutrition Log - cbbram

    Watching this!
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    Samson Supplies Spring Cycle Log

    Hi guys, Samson allowed me to try some things and log about them. My plan was to run a mild spring cut cycle using HGH, Test Cyp, Proviron and Anavar from Samson. My stats are like this 37 year old male, 210 lbs, 6", 17% BF, general training experience of 19 years, minimal cycle experience (one...
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    Samson Supplies Log

    Of course. Like I told you, I was waiting for orders from my endo which I now have and can begin a log.
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    Hello guys. I know someone on my radar had phentermine but I can't find it in my email. Can any of y'all point me in the right direction?
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    DNP nowadays?

    Anybody still use DNP occasionally? Unsure who I could still source it from and it’s one of those compounds I want to be sure of so, I need recommendations. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Anyone want to run a log?

    Thanks guys, I’ll do ya proud!
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    Samson supplies

    These guys are awesome! Buy stuff from Samson!
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    anavar proviron and pct cycle question

    Can you explain why you think a proviron only cycle might be acceptable? Honest question.
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    Anyone want to run a log?

    I'm into the idea!
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    Pharmacom's loyalty program

    Pharmacom is so killer! I'll never go anywhere else (unless a reputable domestic dude reopens!).
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    Follow me to Valhalla

    Those numbers are bonkers! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE
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    Fun Cycle from Pharmacon

    Whatevs. I had six toes anyway.
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    Import HG from another country

    Another country continues law, as if multiple law becomes a country. You may order HGH.
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    Import HG from another country

    To be getting international HG as of one's benefit. Is truth?
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    Fun Cycle from Pharmacon

    Thanks, dad.
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    powerlifter help

    HAHAHA! Crankiest dude ever!
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    Good Deals on Appetite Suppressants?

    Who is selling Phentermine worth buying these days? There seems like a ton of fake or shitty versions flooding the market.
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