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  1. Junior P

    TRT 300mg every other week

    That is a bad roller coaster of test. That will probably increase your estrogen levels in a bad way. 75mg twice a week will be better.
  2. Junior P

    Dr. Called.......blood bad.

    Add hour of cardio, tudca, and SamE and bring test down to 400mg a week. How is your estrogen? Diet? Imagine your holding onto a bunch of water. Cardio will help immensely.
  3. Junior P

    🚨 FREE GEAR🚨, ⭐️Pinnacle Performance⭐️ Promotion (1SDS)

    Not seeing free gear. Any samples to try. Not asking much considering the prices are steep.
  4. Junior P

    Poppin my cherry

    15% and give it a go. 20% is pretty high. Any BP issues. Have you gotten bloods.
  5. Junior P

    Pharmalady Decemder Price list

    Always the best deals. Happy Holidays Pharmalady.
  6. Junior P

    1 stop domestic shop PM me for a list

    Can I get a list please.
  7. Junior P

    Pharmalady Shipping Option

    I had orders land on West coast in 5 days from Pharma lady. Never had any issues with this company. All products were great.
  8. Junior P

    pharmalady review

    Totally legit. Good people. Got a reship in 5 days .
  9. Junior P

    Crashed test cypionate

    It is common. Have you ever used this company? Any reviews? People see cheap prices and don't even research who they are ordering from.
  10. Junior P

    The Sunday Times Discovers Steroids for Sale on Instagram

    Sure 99.9 percent of them are scams. Did they actually buy and receive any? These articles make me laugh.
  11. Junior P

    Pharmalady December Specials

    Had 2 or 3 positive experiences. Even did a super fast reship. Just follow directions, be nice and realize we are not the only ones placing orders. Would order again when the time comes.
  12. Junior P

    T3-T4 for Fat-Loss/Recovery

    Has any taken T3 or T4 here ? Have read studies that people who were misdiagnosed by DR. And took it for 20yrs had minimal sides and there levels bounced back. Personally had no sides on a 3 month run. Definitely would not take it off cycle unless you want to look like an ultra marathon...
  13. Junior P

    Finishing a bottle

    Get another bottle. There will always be a lil left in there but just enough to make ya crazy and start a collection of empty useless bottles that are only worth something to the LEO .
  14. Junior P

    Looking for a good clomid source !

    Pharma lady
  15. Junior P

    low dose tren

    Always thought about doing this as well at around 100 mg's a week...or every 5 days.... interesting.
  16. Junior P

    Serious question. Will Clen help me lose muscle?

    60 to 75 mins of cardio will do the trick. Don't mess with clen nasty stuff that will mess your heart up. If your stuck on a drug to do the trick a lil T3 . Save your $$ and blast some sweat dripping cardio.
  17. Junior P

    Kidney pains/ Lower back

    Are you taking anything else? Are bodies react differently to different substances. Either drink more water or stop a few days and see if the pain goes away. Nothing more worrisome than kidney, liver and heart pains. Hopefully it will go away. Keep us posted.
  18. Junior P

    First Purchase Paranoia

    Your definitely paranoid.... There is alot bigger fish to fry then the orders most people make. Just because a package has your name on it doesn't mean you ordered it. Someone can be using your name....Relax you will be fine...
  19. Junior P

    Anavar question

    I did see results.. but I swear that one 6 to 7 week cycle did permanent damage to my natural production levels. Back then all this info we have today was not available. It's not worth it. Every cycle needs test...or you will fuck up your system.....were here to help don't make the same...
  20. Junior P

    Sarms/T3&Clen diet

    You will burn alot more calories with T3 add in some clen and you may lose alot of muscle. I would probably start with T3 for a few weeks and see how your reacting. Then maybe clen for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. I like T3 better than clen also think it's a lil safer also. Lots of info out...
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