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  1. Maxadvance

    Tentative Peptide List! COMING SOON

    any chance Rapamycin on the list soon?
  2. Maxadvance

    Did Steroids Make You Sterile???

    Help me out here, I think it refers to menotropin. If so then it contains FSH? I'd be interested if that's the case, maybe you can give us a breakdown instead of a hey check out google. Anyone else is welcome to chime in.
  3. Maxadvance


    Looking for a domestic source, any sponsors on here have it?
  4. Maxadvance

    Injection site pain swelling

    Hopefully your needle is long enough, for glutes I like at least 1 inch. Sometimes if i hit a different spot it might not make 100% muscle and it will be a partial sub-q and it will swell and be painful. my 2cents
  5. Maxadvance

    Hcg & clen

    sweet, could use a legit domestic hcg supplier
  6. Maxadvance

    New verified source here!

    greetings! So who are you guys and where are you guys?
  7. Maxadvance

    Reliable RX Pharmacy Reviews

    I'm confused, first you state your numbers bounced back to previous levels, and then you state they're 1-200 points lower and question their potency. What are you trying to say? I've used reliable mostly for my HCG
  8. Maxadvance

    Russia Pharma

    wow just wow
  9. Maxadvance

    3 Clemson Players suspended for Bowl for Ostarine

    Probably cuz the shit works, Dabo says it could have come from anywhere like a drink or their shampoo, lololol
  10. Maxadvance

    Primo real primo

    So you're saying your primo is real legit primo, like really really legit, am i right?
  11. Maxadvance

    heart problems

    "...maybe tren was not the best choice to make ", ya think?
  12. Maxadvance

    IWGF as solid as they come

    Different experiences, same result. Makes everything right, ships right away, goes above and beyond, you can tell he values his reputation above everything else.
  13. Maxadvance

    New Product------FAT BURNER!

    Looks like the active ingredient in this cocktail is Sibutramine. Can learn about it here,
  14. Maxadvance

    Come back Titan

    That is pretty fucked up, agreed
  15. Maxadvance

    An IN DEPTH look at testosterone esters and how they effect blood levels: By DG

    nice, just wish you covered Sustanon a bit more, and what the effect of all those esters mixed together are
  16. Maxadvance

    HCG quality

    So riddle me this Batman. Why when you mix just 11000ius of bacteriostatic water with hcg powder has the solution never turned blue? 30 mixes, never turned blue. But now you say mix basically one normal pins worth of powder into a shitton more water and voila it's supposed to turn blue? I call...
  17. Maxadvance

    BGS Summer Cut

    nice transformation, what's up with the gay porn shots though? :rolleyes: jk
  18. Maxadvance

    Best Way to Avoid Painful Knot in my Ass

    I started pinning 1ml of Robo masteron and it's not too bad, and it's not every pin maybe every other pin. But it's bigger than golf ball size and it hurts at that annoying level, not too bad but it still sucks. Maybe I'm pinning too quickly or something, but what to the veterans do to minimize...
  19. Maxadvance

    Dexa Scan and BF %

    You poor fella, how did you cope?
  20. Maxadvance

    My Lean Pharma Lady Bulk

    I highly doubt it, don't care which test it was those numbers are crazy. Your ai's are basically placebos with zero effect, change your source like yesterday. That being said get the "Sensitive estradiol" test which is more accurate for men than the standard estradiol test. Read the following as...
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