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    SARMS Triple Stack Question

    Preparing to run a SARMS triple stack for 12 weeks and was wondering what kind of results I could expect. I know it's a case by case thing but I was just wondering generally what most people gain from something like this. Background Info Age - 25 y/o Weight - 225 lbs Height - 6'0" Body-fat -...
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    SARMs stack critique & log

    Any critiques of this stack? I know it's case by case but generally what kind of gains could I expect from this? Weeks 1-12: Lgd 40 - 10 mg S4 - 40 mg Ostarine - 25 mg Weeks 13-16: Torem - 120/90/60/30 mg (just to be safe and I have the money so why not) HCGenerate - 5 caps DAA - 3 g...
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