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  1. LegDay

    My 2nd Blast test with either deca or npp?

    Since you are pinning the test twice per week you might as well split your deca dose as well. With deca you can get away with once per week but twice will mean more stable hormone levels. I like your cycle setup though. Personally for me the sweet spot has been 500mg test and 300mg deca. Looking...
  2. LegDay

    Appetite suppressant

    Personally I have had great results with just EC twice per day. I do 200mg caffeine and 24mg ephedrine first thing in the morning and then again around 1pm. That way it is not too late and there are no issues sleeping.
  3. LegDay

    Recomp steroid cycle

    Funds aside this is what I would run as an ideal recomp personally: Weeks 1-16 Test C 500mg EQ 600mg Aromasin 12.5mg EOD GW 20mg SR-9009 30mg Weeks 1-6 tbol 60mg cycle assist Weeks 11-16 Winny 50mg cycle assist PCT
  4. LegDay

    Anybody experience bloating and/or gas

    Nutrobal can cause some water retention for a couple weeks but it subsides after that. Typically you will see these things happen as diet changes. Also make sure you are eating throughout the day. Too much protein at one time and you can have terrible gas as a result. The body can only handle so...
  5. LegDay

    SR9009 cycle log

    I am in to follow this log. I have run SR in the past and love this compound. I definitely want to stack it with GW the next time I use it. GW is by far my favourite thing to use so I am really interested on how the 2 work together. Good luck with your fat loss goals brother!
  6. LegDay

    Bostin Loyd

    That is one of the most ridiculous videos I have ever seen. He basically took huge amounts of every injectable, oral, and peptide known to man.
  7. LegDay

    Psyllium Husk Facts: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    With the high protein diets most bodybuilders are on these days, psyllium husk can be a great aid in keeping your digestive tract clean. It is also an incredible source of fibre. I know plenty of guys incorporating this into their every day routine. Great video brother.
  8. LegDay

    PIP talk

    For me, I mostly stick to long esters so I can just rotate left and right glutes. I get the least PIP if any there. I leave the vial in a cup of warm water (filled half way up the vial), take my morning shower, and then inject. The only time I get PIP is after a long break from pinning. The...
  9. LegDay

    To CLEN OR NOT to CLen

    I personally use the EC stack when I am stuck and really need to cut that little bit extra fat. I use it more for the appetite suppression than the actual metabolism increase. Saying that, I have to agree that clen is terrible. The shakes and insomnia are some of the worst side effects. Not to...
  10. LegDay

    Made it back

    Good to see you here brother.
  11. LegDay

    NAC (N-acetylcysteine) Facts: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great video listing the many positive things NAC can do. I consider it essential in any cycle I run. I know a lot of people that run it year round. I rank it right up there with TUDCA.
  12. LegDay

    My ultimate cutting cycle

    I am not sure I have ever seen a better cycle layout with all necessary research done! Great job brother. Will you be logging this cycle? I would be really interested to follow along and see your results.
  13. LegDay

    The SARMS Triple Stack Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great video. This is one of my favourite stacks and one that I recommend quite often. It is very versatile and can be used in bulking, cutting, and recomp which is why I love it. It is also a great alternative to AAS for beginners or those who do not wish to pin. The most important thing here is...
  14. LegDay

    Sub Q injections lowers Estrogen?

    That is just not how steroids work.
  15. LegDay

    GW 50156 & Pre-Workout

    GW will not interact with anything and is non-hormonal. Personally I love to take it 20mg preworkout. I usually do 30-60 minutes before training or cardio. I have also read studies that say 1-2hours pre workout is actually very effective as well.
  16. LegDay

    VERY HIGH blood pressure from Steroids

    This just shows that just because you do or don't experience certain side effects on a cycle does not mean you will or won't experience the same things again.
  17. LegDay

    Health support!

    CEl Cycle Assist is a great product. It has all the ingredients you need and not the shit you don't need. This allows them to keep it at a great price. Glad you asked before spending too much on other products.
  18. LegDay

    Lets go cleveland!

    I have ties to Buffalo, NY so I tend to route for blue collar cities and underdog teams. Lets go Cleveland!!!
  19. LegDay

    Happy father's day

    Happy Fathers Day my brothers. Hope you were able to enjoy the day with your families.
  20. LegDay

    Oral winstrol dosing and timing

    I have done bother ways with orals. I prefer to take them all at once just for convenience. Splitting would be optimal though for stable hormone levels. For me, the sweet spot for winny is 50mg. I am interested in your results from 30mg. Please keep us updated.
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