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    EU Anavar

    Glad to hear your results, Chief. At 40mg/day have you been feeling the lethargy? Just curious as seems to affect some and not others.
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    Favorite prework combo

    Have played around with too many pre-workouts to mention, but keep coming back to Old School Labs "Vintage Blast". Most well rounded I have found. And focus factor is spot on (which I value). Pumps on point.
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    Buddha's Spring Robo Cycle

    Great to follow, sir. Pls keep the updates coming!
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    End of cycle pic

    Awesome. Congrats on a good, simple run!
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    Big Steve show prep VICON official log.

    Good luck. Look fwd to following. Awesome starting condition - look WAY less than 10-12% BF brother....
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    Hey BigSteve. Saw your post on upcoming cycle. Looks impressive and I know you'll kill it...

    Hey BigSteve. Saw your post on upcoming cycle. Looks impressive and I know you'll kill it. Wanted to ask how you found the Peak Perf Test you ran earlier? And how did you come to switch to Vicon TestC? (1st I've seen them). I have seen decent perf with Robo TestC but have to admit that...
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    Test cruise dose

    This, Exactly. It is why I asked. I have been working more on recomp and actually find less need. Estro seems to be weird in how its levels manifest in each of us. I would bet even some blodd levels on high end "feel" ok to one and not another. Understood that everyone is a little...
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    Test cruise dose

    Curious if you guys running (TRT or cruise) at 150-200mg/week require or take any AI? I know at 200/wk I had to add in Arimidex (low dose but effective) and 150 or less then no AI. Thanks
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    Popped my cherry

    No doubt. I use 18g to draw (23 or 35 to inject). Have had no problems with CVS just asking if I can get 18g for TRT drawing.
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    Best Supplements for Pumped and Full Look

    Hi Robo, can vouch for "Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout". Def pumped but focus factor was what I really enjoyed. Regards...
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    Robo Spring Cycle

    Can't wait to see your test results sir! Sounds like it is running awesome. BTW, I thought robo liquid winstrol was oral?
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    Robolics blood work results at week 9

    Agreed, fantastic.. Hey Pubfit, how many hours after last pin did you draw bloods for test?
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    Pre workout advice or knowledge

    Agree on no "need" but I find that one which has stim/focus elements really helps in quality of my workouts - i.e. the mental part.
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    Key Info for Those with Bloods high in BUN or Creatinine

    No problem. Pls share findings brother. Info always appreciated. Good luck and best regards,
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    Robo TD

    Same as usual. Absolutely flawless and FAST. Test cyp always a winner. Thanks!
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    sober peoples!!!

    Just....amen sir. I too have an extremely compulsive nature and used to fight it but now just keep it pointed in best direction possible.
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    Key Info for Those with Bloods high in BUN or Creatinine

    I researched this quite a bit and also from my data (and others on here). My Dr was fairly knowledgable and understanding in that the Creatinine test (as is) simply indicates Creatinine in system and that can be artificially elevated (by high protein, high muscle mass, dehydration, etc.) - and...
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    Key Info for Those with Bloods high in BUN or Creatinine

    Hey brothers, wanted to pass on some info. Background: Been on TRT past 2+ years (test cyp at 150mg/week). This particular place had tightened rules to prevent abuse so I had been getting bloods routinely (every 10 weeks). Had a test in Feb which came back flagged HIGH for Creatinine and...
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    Transformation Recomposition

    Dramatic change! Congrats!!
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    Modafanil Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Cool guys. Can't wait to hear how it helps/works.
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