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  1. xmann

    new year new goals new cycle

    Yes EQ seems like it would be great! I will take as much size as I can get so long as I can keep it lean. I think increasing my weight to around 200lbs would probably be realistic. I am very good with cardio too and staying lean so these 2 things I think would go hand in hand.
  2. xmann

    new year new goals new cycle

    this was my cycle last year and looking for things that you would bump up? 1-12 test cyp 300 mg week 1-14 aromasin 12.5 mg eod 1-12 rad140 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. 1-12 sr9009 30 mg day... 5 mg split doses 2-3 hours apart 1-12 S4 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m...
  3. xmann

    new year new goals new cycle

    So last year I did a full proper cycle with test cyp and a full round of sarms included in the post layed out by Dylan. I must give a HUGE thank you to him and all the members on this! ***sarmsx is my trusted source for sarms***...
  4. xmann

    Dealing with a Negative and Unsupportive GF, Fiancee or Wife

    I think she needs to communicate a little better with you WHY she wont support you. Its not like you are forcing her to do something she doesn't want to do. You are simply just asking for her support in something you enjoy which im sure you would offer for her if it was something she...
  5. xmann

    second wind

    350mg test cyp / week 12.5 mg EOD aromasin
  6. xmann

    Test cyp. When does it kick in?

    My first pin libdo was there and 4-5th week I noticed the vascularity and muscular effects.
  7. xmann

    wanting a more professional cycle opinion

    I would just stick to SARMS x
  8. xmann

    second wind

    Just a thought I had today and one thing I have been noticing. I usually dose my SARMs in the morning and test cyp wed and sunday but I have been taking my aromasin in the afternoon evening and I feel like I get a second wind almost energy boost after I take it. I assume this is a good thing...
  9. xmann

    Time off between cycles

    Nicely done man, looks like what I am doing right now classic. If you just planning for SARMs only I don't think you need 'time off' if you have done PCT and not suppressed. Maybe 2-4 weeks?
  10. xmann

    HCG and mixing

    ya fair enough, I just thought it would be better delivery that way and definitely wont mix with oil/water as im afraid it could cause a lump :/ and I also just thought for the IM vs SQ doing IM would be better if I am going to pin 1ml / week? vs like 2+ sub q smaller doses per week? Just my...
  11. xmann

    Underdosed or bunk or normal?

    I am on S4 from SARMSx right now maybe 6 weeks in and it is defo legit, vision tints the whole bit as for the liquid itself there are barely ANY particles and the liquid is green. I don't think the visible particle content is a gauge for how potent or non potent a SARM is IMO
  12. xmann

    HCG and mixing

    ok good to know. Did you keep yours in the fridge also? or is cool shaded room temp area work?
  13. xmann

    HCG and mixing

    If I was to mix 10ml of bacteriostatic water with a 5000IU vile of HCG that would make 500IU/ml correct? and if I am dosing 1000IU/week I would need 2ml per week ? I see a lot of people like to use slin pins and pin the stomach but I think it will be easier for me just to stick to thighs and...
  14. xmann

    Skipping cardio??

    Man you are so right! I am opposite though, I usually skip weights for cardio haha. Esp. now it is summer time just get the speedo on and hit the trails with MTB bike get some vit D and good sweat on!
  15. xmann

    First Timer Worries

    I think gw is a wonder drug when it comes to diabetes and sports like running.
  16. xmann

    Someone please help! As soon as possible

    man, this is probably the best advice he can get, not just for gainz but for overall quality of life. bless the isarms forum !
  17. xmann


    1 Yes I used torem as a mini pct after a sarm stack earlier this year. thx!
  18. xmann

    Independence Day 2: Worst Movie Ever

    I haven't seen the movie and definitely wont now I see this, sad. A lot of 'new' movies now a days seem to be just botched completely with all this political correctness and shit I think producers are scared to make something that might be considered controversial to the SJWs.
  19. xmann

    Ovigil HCG

    yes right before :D feeling awesome now, want to try to maintain as much as I can. I am generally pretty lean and built I just don't want to feel like shit when I come off lol.
  20. xmann

    Ovigil HCG

    Great idea! makes it much easier too for use thanks so much guys
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