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  1. Frank Garrett

    Woooo!!! Robo!

    I am the same way bro, it feels like xmas as a kid when you get your robo gear delivered. I love the quality and the customer service. can't beat it!
  2. Frank Garrett

    Traveling While Swoll

    when the lady asked you what your secret was you responded "Robo sauce" and walked away. EPIC story!
  3. Frank Garrett

    Robo Test E Blood Test Results

    yep you can hit me up as well if you need their email
  4. Frank Garrett

    Robo Test E Blood Test Results

    robo has great gear, they are awesome
  5. Frank Garrett

    Am I the only one getting all these seizures?

    China tariffs man, makes sense you can PM me for a list for robolics
  6. Frank Garrett

    Robo labs run

    that is great, robo is wonderful at lessening PIP with his gear. his primo is the only one i use for that reason!
  7. Frank Garrett

    Robo labs run

    robo has been around for YEARS.. if anyone needs help getting in touch let me know
  8. Frank Garrett

    Robostrol tabs

    I've always been impressed with robo's orals. can't go wrong with them thanks for posting this
  9. Frank Garrett

    Robo Is the BEST

    been using robo for years since they first opened up.. my favorite source of all time
  10. Frank Garrett

    Robo result

    I've been using robo from the start years ago. never let me down
  11. Frank Garrett

    US domestic-only source

    Robo is domestic too, they have been around a long time. PM me for a list or buddha
  12. Frank Garrett

    Domestic source suggestions

    robolics is a really good domestic source, you can hit me up for their contact info.
  13. Frank Garrett

    Robo Touchdown!

    yes robo is one of the only sources that sell b12. great stuff and everyone should be using it i don't care how much red meat you eat. with B12 you aren't going to overdose on it.. i would start with 1000mcgs a few times a week and taper that down in terms of frequency.
  14. Frank Garrett

    Robo porno

    damn bro you are going to build a roid pyramid with all those goodies :)
  15. Frank Garrett

    ROBO TD(again)/gear porn

    check your PM
  16. Frank Garrett

    Real Primo

    robo has legendary primo and it is 200mg/ml so less injecting
  17. Frank Garrett

    ROBO TD(again)/gear porn

    nice man, you will enjoy that robo gear. anyone who wants to place an order let me know and i will forward their info
  18. Frank Garrett

    First time robo user!

    let us know how you like the gear. it is fire!
  19. Frank Garrett


    they have it now my man. let me know if you need a list
  20. Frank Garrett

    Just wanna say shout out Robo

    robo has never let anyone down. great source, if anyone is interested in trying them out feel free to drop me a PM
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