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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    What happened to robo? I don't visit this forum often but he was my first source until I just stopped hearing from him
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    Needle source

    I get my stuff from my local pharmacy. If I order online I get my stuff from I hope I'm not breaking any rules by dropping that link.
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    What's the secret? Acne making AAS almost not worth it

    There are a multitude of factors that could contribute to this. The most obvious is e2 levels. High levels can cause acne. However low levels, and even highly fluctuating levels can cause acne too. It could be a compound you're running or the dosage you're running it at. Also it could simply...
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    Good Sources for letro and nolva?

    I've had a bit of pubertal gyno for the last 3-4 years. It's pretty small and not super noticeable. I'm currently on my first cycle and I'm keeping it at bay with some asin a friend of mine gave me. I had ordered adex from PharmaComStore about 3 weeks ago and I've begun to assume that it either...
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    steroids and alcohol

    I believe there are studies that show alcohol can inhibit muscle growth and development to a small degree. I hardly drink alcohol as it is (One or two cans/bottles per month tops) and plan to stop altogether once I start my first cycle tomorrow. I never cared for drinking in the first place.
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    PharmaComStore Shipping times?

    I'm looking to order some Adex from PCS today most likely and was wondering how long shipping takes from warehouse to door, as I will be going back to school relatively soon. Any answers and anecdotes appreciated. thanks
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Hey all! New member here. I’ve never really been a member of any forums except Reddit so this a new layout for me to get used to. I’m a 20 YO college student and I’ve been lifting seriously for about 3 years at this point. Before this I didn’t have much lifting experience outside of my old high...
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